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Tricia: Day 3 – How to Really Study the Bible

I love love love today’s teaching by Joyce, and I think the reason is because I have never really studied the bible.  Like I said in my day one, I have always just read the bible.  I open it up.  Read for half an hour and then I close the bible back up and go about my day. Yah sometimes I think about what I have read but I don’t really study anything in the bible.

But Joyce gave some great tips and just some great wisdom about actually studying the bible.

She suggest that you study what is actually going on in your life, such as if you are dealing with forgiveness then you start with scripture about forgiveness. And you meditate on the scripture, you write it down, you say it out loud, you look up what forgiveness means.


There are two things that I have found that have really started helping me with my actually Studying the bible is I purchased some software called Logos.  It is amazing and you have to check it out.  I keep it on my laptop all day and can look up anything and everything.  Totally worth every single cent.

The other thing is I bought a journal bible.  So I underline the scripture in it and then in the column along the side that I can write in I write my thoughts to what I just studied.  This has helped me more then I ever thought it would.



I also wanted to quickly share with you all the little tid bits I got out of today’s message from Joyce.  Again just my rambles and not in much of an order.

  • The word of God is different than other words.
  • Gods word is stuffed full of power and anointing.
  • Begin with prayer
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to be your Teacher and help you understand what you are reading.
  • The word heals and delivers us.
  • I am not doing God a favor when I read the word.
  • Studying the bible means I are doing myself a favor because the word is what feeds our spirit.
  • Answers to every problem is in the Bible.
  • Jesus: My word is spirit and they are life.
  • When God talks there is power in it.
  • 2 cor 3:18
  • Romans 12:2
  • The bible tells me how God thinks and talks.
  • In Christ you are a new creature.
  • You will change as you read the bible, you will think different as you read the bible.
  • Psalm 28:1
  • Wisdom Proverbs
  • Comfort Psalm
  • The word of life, healing and health to all who find them. Proverbs 4:20-22
  • Bible is our instruction book for life.
  • matthew, mark, luke, john
  • Andrew Murry
  • Finding a good bible that fits for you.
  • Psalm 56:1
  • Get a dictionary
  • The word of God is medicine for our flesh.
  • James 1:21
  • Meditate on the word of God…

How do you study the bible?


Thank you for today.  For Joyce’s teaching and the little nudge I need to start learning to truly study and obsorb your word. Each day you each me something new and wonderful about you and I think you for that. You have provided me with the most amazing instruction guide ever and I hold it each day in my hands but still stumble through life.  But I am sick of stumbling and want to be able to walk upright and not worry about stumbling.  And I know I am able to do that with your teaching and your word.  I just ask that you help me as I learn to study your word and bring more and more of it into my everyday life.   In your Son’s name I pray.  Amen.


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  1. Thank you Tricia for your sharing of not only what you do and what is working so to help us – but all of your notes from Joyce today. It is great to see what I was hearing noted here for a reference, my notes were not so complete!!! HUGS and BLESSINGS today