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Christina: Joyce 30/30 Day One – Receive Emotional Healing

The word is truth and when we follow it we are made free. (see John 8:32)

What I got out of today’s session…

Today’s study is about Emotional Healing… this goes hand in hand with Physical Healing – in fact takes lead the physical healing!  Investing in the Lord and the relationship with God and focusing on the healing INSIDE also works on healing the physical self. Clear out the deep hurt, focus on forgiving, focus on the word of God and LOVE yourself.

Taking time to STUDY the word of God not just read it helps to allow you to draw out what you need to hear.  It is amazing how we, a group of people, can study the same verse and take home something different from it – I loved being in my Small Group because we got to share those things that we individually got out of the passages and it was powerful!

Emotional Healing for me…

I have been through a life with some GREAT experiences and GREAT times all brought to me by God for sure – several laughs and loves – I have to say in all I have a GREAT LIFE… don’t get me wrong I have had (and still go through) set backs, struggles, verbal lashings from those I love, financial issues and so on BUT what can I do to make changes – STUDY the word better and actually HEAR Jesus speak to me and follow the guidance – spending time in going to the word and not just “sit by the pool” like Joyce’s example and to jump in for the betterment of myself. IF I DON’T TAKE THE TIME TO INVEST IN ME WHY SHOULD GOD?  Am I not worthy of the time to spend on myself?  Thank you Joyce for this start!

Dear Lord today I pray and THANK YOU for bringing this study back around to me – I know you value Joyce Meyer for all she does for your “children” here on earth – she is amazing!  Thank you also for bringing Tricia into my life and having her here in such a strong value in my life for all of these years – I also thank you for Alicia for the spiritual strength and true follower of you – I pray that you hold her tight in her recent struggles in life.  Today I lay my life back out to you Jesus – I am going to open my heart and my mind to you completely and accept the emotional healing you have to offer us all – I promise to take time out, QUIET TIME, to listen to you – to have a conversation with you Lord and to be an obedient child of yours – Lord I pray in your name today – AMEN

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  1. I often find myself sitting in the pool. It is time we no longer sit in the pool but Get up, clean up the mess we have been making for all these years and start living the kind of life that Jesus wants us to live.

    I am right here with you Christina… Love you my sister in faith.