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Walk Talk Wednesday: Not Where I Want To Be

There have been times in my life where I have felt closer to God than others. Right now, I am definitely in one of my “wish I was closer” times. I am never quite sure how I end up here and getting back to walking closely with God is always harder than I expect. Each time I try to get closer to God during these phases, I encounter drama, problems, and STRESS – and lots of it. I have come to the conclusion over the years that these difficulties are from satan — trying to prevent me from getting back on the path with God again — and this makes me even more determined to get back on track.

But HOW do you get back on track you might ask?It is really a simple process, but one that I nonetheless struggle with. I know what I SHOULD be doing but life and stress and everything else always seems to clutter up my mind. I know I need a schedule and I know I need to hold myself to it and I know I need accountability, but most of all what I need is PRAYER. But isn’t that what we all need to help keep us on track? I notice when my prayer life is not what it should be (for example, only praying at night when you are falling asleep) that I cannot get back on track in God’s Word and managing my stress.

So, it is the prayer that I need to make time for each day — Bible study too, but prayer has to come FIRST.

My goal starting today is to set an appointment on my phone that reminds me to have time alone to pray each and every day FIRST thing in the morning and I need to set a nagging reminder so my phone will keep chirping at me until I do it! LOL. (It is good to know your weaknesses, so you know how to work around them, isn’t it?)

Today, if you are reading this, I ask you for some prayer. Please day a prayer for me that I will keep my appointment with God each and every day from this point forward. If you read this post in 6 months or even 2 years from now, I would still appreciate the prayer because I know this has been a long-term struggle of mine and all the prayers will help. 🙂

I would love to pray for you as well. We have a prayer request form you can fill out right on this site where you can enter in your prayer request (it can even be anonymous) and we will pray for you and anyone who visits this site can pray for you as well.

I am looking forward to lifting each other up in prayer today and in the future. 🙂

Be blessed today and always!





Image credit: kk.org