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Fruits of the Spirit Friday: Peace when you least expect it

Fruits of the Spirit Friday: Peace when you least expect it

Have you ever felt a sense of peace wash over you when you were expecting a completely different emotion? Have you ever wanted to cry and pout and say woe is me, but instead you received peace?

I pray that you have felt this at least once in your life (or will experience it very soon).

It is one of those feelings that you KNOW has come from God — especially when it comes after the death of a loved one, during a terrible storm of life, when you feel at your absolute worst – PEACE comes. God picks us up much like we pick up a small child when they need consoling. Like we give them a kiss on the head and tell them everything will be okay, God gives us PEACE.

When you are facing the difficulties of life and you are exuding peace, everyone around you may be bewildered. That’s when you give God the glory — let them know that it is not you that is coping well — but rather it is God that has comforted you so that you ae able to move forward. Peace like that is supernatural and it is almost impossible to ignore when God sends it your way.

I pray that the next time you are facing a trial or struggle, that God will send you peace… that peace that leaves us wondering… and smiling. Just another reminder that God is so good!

May you be blessed today and always!