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Fruits of the Spirit Friday: Gentleness… Not my strongest trait!

Fruits of the Spirit Friday: Gentleness… Not my strongest trait!

Gentleness – definitely not one of my strongest traits.

I am originally from New Jersey and… well… Jersey girls are not really well-known for being quiet or gentle… and neither am I. I tend to get excited during conversation and get loud at times, I talk with my hands, and I pronounce water as wudder and creek as crick. It is who I am even though I am no longer in NJ.

BUT, one of the fruits of the spirit is GENTLENESS – the way we know that God is working in our hearts and he is in our lives is that the fruits of the spirit show themselves — Gentleness included.

So, even though I am not gentle by nature, I have times when I can still show gentleness. Hugging a child instead of saying “ahhh, tough it out” or having just the right kind words to say to a friend that needs to hear them OR (and this is a big one…) keeping quiet when I really don’t want to but know it would be best.

How can a relatively un-gentle NJ girl still have gentleness as a fruit of the spirit?


That’s the only way. When God prompts me in his gentle way, I listen and obey (although it has not always been that way).

If God can show His gentleness through me, He can do ANYTHING!

I would love to hear how God uses gentleness in your life in the comments below.

May you be blessed today and always!