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Christina’s Days 71, 72, 73, 74, and 75 Ministry of the Home…

Today I am working to get caught up – it is strange how one bump in your normal routine can throw the entire thing off for a long time.  It is so much work to create a habit, work within discipline and it only takes one little trip to deconstruct what you had been building for some time! Excuses NO, Ownership in me not putting myself right back where I was in the line of focus and work the minute I stumbled!  Here are my days I am behind and I look forward to God’s grace in keeping focused and moving forward!Day 71: Ministry and Family Meals

Wow, what a concept – family dinners – eating together at the table – enjoying stories of the day – praying over our meal together…..  When I was married to my first husband, Scot, we did not eat at a table – from the time we moved out of our houses at 18 years old until the time we divorced at 33 years old, the amount of times we ate dinner at the table I could count in my head.  We did do better when the kids were little because they were in hi-chairs but for the most part on TV trays in the living room.  When he left us, I started eating at the table with the kids – OMGoodness what great times!  We talked, laughed shared stories and our night was not run by the television – it was like we were not trying to hide from something any more.  The tradition of eating together carried through for many years but I am sad to say that in the years lately we have fallen back into the old ways – Jodie and I eat watching a movie, or when he is gone I sit alone and watch a Law & Order while I eat and Tucker goes into his room to have dinner while he visits with his friends – this needs to be broken again – we need to eat together at the table!  I will propose to Tucker that we start with Mondays and Wednesdays eating at the dinner table, he and I.

Day 72: Dressing My Family for Spiritual Success

Arming my family with the right clothing, the right thoughts, the right words and the right trust is what my job is as a mom.  Really any mom Christian or not has this same mission in life we just don’t go at it in the same way.  Arming my family, and this includes my husband, with these tools and protection is a great passion of mine.  Speaking more and more of praying, talking to God, and having faith is something that I have really opened up about and have been doing it OUT LOUD in my home.  I want to get better with it and stronger with it every day that goes by.  I want to be able to not only arm them but to educate and arm myself too.  Teaching them the glory of God is such a great thing – to see miracles happening around me, prayers answered and even some of the “issues” come up and be able to point it back to Jesus has laid a canvas for me to paint the word of God on for my family to see – Thank you Jesus!

Day 73: Worship and Hospitality

Reading about how being hospitable to your guests whether they are simple 20 minute guests in your home or there for a longer stay can make deep impressions in their lives is great.  This is something that I know and don’t to too often anymore.  It seems life has taken over and that “lets get together” time in my home for food and sharing has been taken off the list.  Bring the ability to use that time to not only just visit but gives you the opportunity to be an example of God’s love, compassion and “attitude” is such a great way to look at it.  Not only do we need time to enjoy life and share we do need platforms (if you will) to be able to be that example.  We tend to cut things off our so busy list that seem to be for pleasure only and forget that those times are not just for pleasure but for shining, sharing and showing.  I think I want to plan a get together with my old bible study group – I can share this site, share what God is doing in my life and share IN what he is doing and sharing with them…  I want to put this on the calendar for May/June when weather works its way back up!  I am so inspired :o)

Day 74: Open Your Home for Ministry

I have thought of hosting or at least offering my home up for some of our bible studies, but I had gotten so ashamed of the condition of my home over the past several years it kept me from doing it.  Now that the house has been painted and we are working on getting the stuff back on the wall and I took out all of the JUNK I am feeling like I can actually have people over again.  I need to remember to keep balance between caring for my home and caring for my business so that I don’t get stuck in that predicament again!  I mentioned earlier in yesterday’s study that I want to plan a summer get together at my house for some of the old bible study members in the group I used to participate in.  Maybe by then I will be ready to rejoin the group – but right now I am not.  I do miss them so and I miss the sharing and the studies, I am just so splintered and I know God is working on all areas of my life right now.  He brought this study to me that I have learned so much from!  So opening my home will for me come in spring early summer and I have big plans for it – Jodie’s smoked Brisket and Ribs!

Day 75:   Host God’s Servants

Wow this one is a biggie – because I am not affiliated with any church at the moment, I really don’t have any one to talk to about helping or offering in this area.  The weird thing is I feel that even if I offered at the churches I attend (and one of them I attended for 10 years), I don’t think they would consider me a viable choice to offer my home.  I know that sounds weird but that is how I feel – even in churches there are “clicks” and if you are in you are in if you are not well – you are not.  I can say that I do open my home to a really good friend of mine every week, Judith Cassis, she travels to our area every week for two days and one night (sometimes two if weather is bad).  We spend time together just talking and helping each other in all areas of life and there is NEVER a day we are together that we are not discussing our Lord Jesus.

Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus – I pray for your help to guide me in areas of “ministry” from my home with my family, to people I meet around and even being a bigger part in a church where I can feel I belong and share with some items there.  I pray that while you are the CEO of VA-a-GoGo, and my support in my home life, you will also help me to find the balance I know my life is missing because I tend to put my OCD hat on and drowned out your guidance.  Jesus I am so blessed everyday, good or bad that you are part of it.  I know that challenges come up to test my reactions, you allow Satan to pop his head up again before you help bat him away.  I am thankful for the growth I have experienced in areas of handling conflict and look forward to all you have to come my way!  In Your Name Amen!