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Christina’s Day 82… Getting the Legal Stuff Together

Great check list of things to get together – hmmm not much we probably did not know already but that “avoidance” thing keeps coming into play!  Getting all of the information from your wallet, your passport, legal docs, emergency contacts and any “directives” together NOW is great advice.  I want to get this going and add it to my long term projects so that I have the reminder to keep it up to date and have the family aware of how important it is… Here is my check list:

Items for my box:

  • Copy All Information from my wallet
  • Get Copies of All information in Jodie’s wallet
  • Renew my passport (will have started by next Friday, March 8th)
  • Find “directives” instructions (will have started by Friday March 8th)
  • Get copies of information on Jodie’s Trust
  • Start discussing a “will” with Jodie – get the ball rolling on what we need
  • Copies of life insurance policies
  • Copies of investment information
  • Copy of updated Social Security Info (have them in my retirement binder)
  • Look into Power of Attorney
  • Copies of paperwork on property in California and Property in Texas
  • Get Copies of kids ID’s, Insurance
  • Get Vehicle information (Make Models Color License Plate #)
  • Get current pictures

Something that I have wanted to do for years and have never done is a family binder.  Collect pertinent information on all of our family members – not as much as above but for the family emergency binders with a section for each member, not just Jodie and the kids but my sister, her kids, Jodie’s parents too, I would like to have:

  • Current Pictures
  • Drivers License copies
  • Health Insurance Info
  • Any “directives”
  • Vehicle info (Make, Model, Color, License Plate)
  • Home Important Info
  • Life Insurance Info

I think I want to put these together for Christmas for everyone (just their info, mine would be everyone’s)… and in their binders I would add a section for Personal Property where they can add pictures of property in case of insurance needs.

I am excited now to get going on this project!

Dear Lord I Pray…


Dear Jesus – thank you for always being there to help us out.  Thank you for bringing “messages” just when they are needed, and reminding us when we have not listened the first time.  Jesus you have set us up to prosper in all we have and need us to take care of it.  All of our days are blessed by you and the gift of life, love, happiness is here for us – we just need to do our part as well.  Nothing is given without effort given!  Thank you Jesus, In Your Name Amen!