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Christina’s Day 80…. Budget and Living within Your Means

Today it talks about how money drives people.  It becomes their focus – we have been taught the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.. 1st Timothy 6:10   (here it is in several translations) – one thing I can say about myself is I have never been “driven” by money and having it.  I am not saying I live within my means but I can say I have not and do not dream of being “rich” “having it all” or making “tons of money”.  I have always looked at it as, I just need to make so I can live happy, have some of the things I want and be able to do things with my family.This is an OK mindset but I have never been a great “saver” for my future.  Impulse buying yep that has been me.  If I want it I get it.  Not the best philosophy in life to have and I am really realizing it now.

In this study it has re-enforced the things I learned in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  Not that Mr. Ramsey did not have credibility for me to believe it then, I just think where I am in life it is time for me to hear his message and the teachings from Donna Partow combined.  AND Rick Warren has been thrown into the mix with my daily devotional too – right now they are all on the same topic, nice how God aligns things in your life, right!

I commit to adding payments to the credit cards we owe to get them paid off sooner – it is a debt we incurred and we will pay it until the end!  I commit to looking into the church out here I enjoy attending and tithing to one of their projects – they are really doing a lot in the community even supporting my son’s Yes I Can class to help teach against bullying – and I commit to raising the amount of money that monthly goes into my personal retirement fund.  Doing all of that will knock down the extra income I have built up in my business to “play” with – but looking at it now – DID I BUILD IT UP OR DID GOD? If all things belong to God and he is the CEO of my business I have to believe that he has built it up so that I CAN do these things and not be in any worse place than I was.  He is taking care of me and I need to listen!

Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus – I know that money is a man thing, a thing for here on earth.  It has become the focus of society and the defining line to who you are and even to some the kind of people they are along with the amount of respect they deserve.  Lord I have seen money create evil in people and bring out the worst in ones and I have also seen where having money gave others the opportunity to do works that you have guided them to do…  Keep me from falling into the temptation and trap and becoming foolish because my eyes were set on money instead of you. Lord I pray that you will always be there to tap me on the back of the head if I ever turn in that direction of the temptation of being rich…  Lord I pray that you guide me on how to handle the family members that constantly ask for money but do nothing to work to raise themselves up.  It is not that we don’t have the money to give them but is that the right thing to do?  Lord I leave it in your hands and know that you will guide me on the best way to handle the situation…  In Your Name I Pray, Amen!