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Alicia’s Day 67: The Sabbath

Honoring the Sabbath is something that has gotten away from us. When we first got married, every Sunday was spent at church and Sunday school, even with an afternoon nap. Blissful! But somewhere along the way after I got sick, we had to stop going to church because my immune system was too weak… and honoring the Sabbath became lost to us. 🙁
This study is all about making changes – and making changes for the better especially! Getting back to honoring the Sabbath is something that we definitely need to change in our family.

Step One is to get out our communion kit and dust it off and plan a time to do family communion again – it’s been way too long.

Thank you for giving us this day of rest any time to regroup. Forgive us for losing track of your Sabbath and help us get back on track with the routine of honoring the Sabbath. I know that taking some time to honor the Sabbath will make a big difference in our lives. Please guide us in honoring your Sabbath so we can do it the way that you know is best.

In Jesus’ Name,