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1st Peter Chapter 2

As I am continuing my independent study on 1st Peter I am going through Chapter Two…

On my first read through the line that first stands out to me is…  Honor Everyone.  Love the Brotherhood.  Fear God.  Honor the Emperor.  (1 peter 2:17)

Chapter two goes through specific ways to live – in 2:1-10 it speaks about the corner stone – and being the chosen building block for God and how the unbelievers are constantly tripping over the “corner stone” and it is always in their way.

2:11-17 focuses on doing good works.  That you set an example and can change bad in people by living GOOD and with God.  Setting an example by your actions and being good allows God to work miracles on those around you – it softens them a bit and catches them off guard and suddenly what they were not believing in or giving the time of day becomes a thought and a seed in them.

2:18-25 focuses in submission to masters.  It calls that we should not only submit to the good kind gentle masters but to the cruel ones as well.  Jesus submitted and so should we – he died for sins and we should live for righteousness.