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Welcome to Monday’s “Moments” with Alicia

It has been some time since I have blogged here at Sister’s Joined in Faith and I feel a strong urging from God to start back up again – God must have some important things for me to share…

So, Mondays will be devoted to sharing about my moments with God or ways to help you find moments with God during your busy days.

There are times when I have fallen out of my daily Bible reading committment. There it is in black and white – the truth. I don’t know how I fall out of my routine, but there is always a day when I wake up and say, “Darn it – I have fallen off the path again.” If you struggle as I do, then you know just how hard it is to make a new routine once the old one has been lost. I have read reports that say it takes 12 weeks to develop a new routine but waiting 12 whole weeks for a routine to “set in” is a little scary… I mean WHERE do I start?

That is where two very important things come in:

{{1}} The Bible app installed on my cell phone; and

{{2}} The car-rider pick up line at my children’s school

So I have to pick up my kids and that usually means between 10 to 30 minutes in the car with nothing to do and its quiet and I am all alone – a perfect scenario to time alone with God! So instead af playing Farm Heroes or goofing around on Facebook, why not spend this time in God’s word? And that is exactly what I started doing.

Granted this is not a time to dig deep into the word and cross-reference things with a concordance like I may want to do at times, this gives me the chance to have alone time with God, reading devotionals and the Word AND the app even has different translations so Ican read the same passage in several different versions. It is PERFECT for me and is a great start to getting back into my routine visits with God.

If you are struggling with finding that time with God, look at your day and see if there are any little nuggets of time you can find – like the car pick-up line at school – where you can steal away some one-on-one time with God. Even 10 minutes will go along way in helping your walk and your day. 🙂

Let us know how your walk is going in the comments below – we would love to hear from you.

If you have a prayer request,, we would be honord to lift it up to God with you – just click the Prayer Requests tab at the top of this page.

May you be blessed today and always!




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  1. I love this Alicia – THANK YOU for writing this on such an important day! You are so right and I am taking on the inspiration you put in my heart.. HUGS and I am so blessed to have such a strong “sister” in my life!

    • The blessing goes both ways, sista 🙂