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Walk Talk Wednesday: Why I Love Praise Music

Music is powerful. It can help change your mood, encourage you, and even set your feet to dancing!

To get my day off to a good start (and keep it going that way), I like to listen to positive, uplifting, praise music. It just helps to soothe my mind and keep the stress-out attacks at bay. I feel like it is God’s hedge of protection around me when I am listening and I am better able to manage my reactions to the world around me. That is part of the reason why we have an uplifting music section on this site — in fact, I am listening to that RIGHT NOW! {{Click here to check it out.}}

So if you want to have a calmer, more controlled, less emotional freak-out sort of day, I encourage you to try listening to praise music. You can listen here, at itunes, pandora, or even the radio or a CD – but listen and enjoy the beauty of your day!

May you be blessed today and always!


Image credit: phillybci.org