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Thankfulness Thursday: Unexpected Blessings

Thankfulness Thursday: Unexpected Blessings

Happy Thankfulness Thursday!

Today I want to celebrate those unexpected blessings that pop up every once in a while and those “blessings” that don’t seem to be blessings at first.
I am a firm believer that God can make good come from ANY situation and that there is so much we can learn during those trials of life that can in turn become blessings as well.

When I began writing this post, I was sitting in the women’s health center waiting to see my doctor – after just having an ultrasound. I was going to write about how much of a blessing it is when we get windfalls – money that seems to arrive out of nowhere, or even the gift of a new-to-you car that you did not expect, or a new business venture that is becoming lucrative, and my list could have gone on. That is what I WAS going to write about… that was until I heard the doctor say, “instead of going to the exam room, why don’t we talk in my office?” I just knew what was coming next was going to be bad…And it was… but not as bad as it could have been. The news could have been MUCH worse, especially with the history of cancer in my family. Although it was not THAT bad, what I heard next crushed me to the point that I was in shock and literally could not process the information in my mind until about 30 minutes later. The doctor said,

“You have adenomyosis. There are medications you can try but your condition is too advanced for them to really be of any help. There is another procedure that might help but there is only a 50% chance that it will solve the pain you are having. So, the only option I recommend is to have a hysterectomy.”

Thankfully she cushioned the bad news with the good news about my other labwork first or I think I would have hit the floor. And thankfully, she walked me through the options much more slowly than they appear in this post – while writing it all down for me so I could talk with my husband later. She is an excellent doctor.

But, here I am – I just turned 40 about 3 weeks ago and I am told I need a hysterectomy. How on earth am I going to find the unexpected blessing in that?!?!?!?! All I wanted to do was get home, hide under the covers, and cry.

So I prayed on the way home, and I prayed off and on until now – when I am writing this post and I have unexpected blessings to share resulting from this event — and I did not even have the surgery yet!

Blessing #1: My mom (in NJ) is making plans to be here when I have the surgery and during my recovery.

Blessing #2: My best friend and sister in Christ from California offered to be here as well if I need her.

Blessing #3: Having this done before menopause means I won’t have menopause and all the woes that come with it.

Blessing #4: I have PEACE about the whole thing – peace that really does surpass all understanding and cannot be explained. (The 30 year-old me would have been hysterical by now).

There you go – just off the top of my head — 4 Unexpected Blessings when I thought that I was going to run home and cry. 4 Unexpected Blessings when I felt as if I was crushed. 4 Unexpected blessings because God is so good!

Take some time and look for your unexpected blessings today – they are there, but they might just be hiding – and be THANKFUL. 🙂

Be blessed today and always!



  1. Thank you Alicia for a reminder to not “hide and cry” when we hear news we are not planning for and most of the time not ready for. And Thank you for considering me a blessing – now I am crying :o) but tears of joy.

  2. I don’t know what I would do without you! Seriously… you are a blessing to me every day! (((hugs)))