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Psalm 27:14

The Good Book encourages us to be patient – but that is something that I struggle with daily in this impatient world. I have learned some ways to be more patient along the way, but it has not always been easy. My Grandmother must have seen something when I was a child that let her know that I would struggle with patience for she was always trying to “teach me patience.” We did humongous jigsaw puzzles together, she taught me to make quilts by hand the old fashioned way, and taught me a bunch of other arts and crafts ways to build my patience. Sometimes I wonder how grossly impatient I would be if not for the time my grandmother took with me when I was young!

God took some time to teach me some more patience as an adult for I was still too impatient. ALWAYS wanting to rush into things when I really should have waited instead. I married (the first time) young because I was impatient to get out of my childhood home. I had my first child right away – at age 24 – and we divorced three years later, just after the birth of our second child. (I won’t go into all the details here, but there was no way to salvage the marriage – much to my chagrin.) I married a second (and final) time a year later {But thankfully God has blessed me with this marriage even though I did not deserve it for rushing in again.} Two years after that, I developed rheumatoid arthritis – and THAT was where my real patience lessons began. I had no choice but to be patient because my body would not let me do otherwise.

God has a way like that sometimes. He gives us gentle nudges at first, just like we give our children hints like, “I think it would be a good idea if you cleaned your room.” Sometimes the children get the hint and do it; sometimes they don’t. Sometimes God says, “No, you may not do that,” just as we do with our children. Sometimes they listen, but sometimes they openly defy us – just as we do with our Heavenly Father. Then, there are times with our children where we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and we take action. God gives us a chance to learn things the easy way, but when we are stubborn LIKE I WAS, He sometimes has to teach us things the hard way – just like when our children require a spanking or a grounding.

My 7 years of RA was God’s version of GROUNDING me. Did I learn my lesson? YES! Did I like it? NO! Was it necessary? ABSOLUTELY YES! I had to learn to wait on the Lord… and I feel my faith is stronger now than it has ever been. He grounded me all right… grounded me in my faith to Him, reminding me of just how much He loves me.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I am not saying that you must do what the Bible says or God will punish you. But, I am sharing this with you to show you that God has all sorts of ways to instruct his children – to teach us the lessons that we will need to survive this life on earth. So, listen to what God’s Word says and obey when God nudges your heart the first time. Its much easier to learn what He was to teach you the easy way… unless you are stubborn like I was.

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May you be blessed today and always!