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Memory Verse Monday: Psalms 142:10-11

Memory Verse Monday: Psalms 142:10-11

How did your Bible memory go last week? If it was anything like mine, you might not have gotten it 100% memorized BUT that’s okay. I did read it continually every day since I used it as my computer’s desktop background. Even if I did not hide God’s word in my heart last week, it did make an imprint since I was reading it every day, many times a day. I will do better on the next one. 🙂

This week’s memory verse is Psalms 142:10-11. Feel free to use the image below in any way you need to in order to help you memorize – print it, save it, post it on your Facebook wal, pin it on Pinterest — whatever helps you the most when memorizing (but if you use it online, make sure you keep our link on there so you and anyone who sees it can find there way here for Bible memory resources. :))


Thanks and Happy Memorizing!