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Lessons from Deuteronomy 14-16

Deuteronomy is a little tough to get through as it is a book of laws, but there are still lessons to be learned…

Although, thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus, we are no longer held to obedience of these laws, they offer us a good reminder of the importance of keeping God’s commands close to our hearts. Jesus paid our debt, so we do not have to suffer strict consequences for our disobedience, but those alive during Old Testament times had a different way of life. In thankfulness for our debt being paid, we should seek to honor God and give praise to all the blessings we do have. He did not have to choose to give his own son as a sacrifice, but God is wise – He saw that trying to keep all of of the commandments and keep up with all of the rules that were laid out in the Old Testament was… well… almost impossible. Throughout the old testament, the followers of God failed time and time again to keep God’s laws, but God loves us and wants to be with us together forever in eternity.It is because of His gift, that we should seek to follow His commands – not out of fear of punishment – but as a sincere mindset of Thankfulness for the sacrifice of His son, Jesus.

Praise Jesus that we do not have to follow all those rules and regulations any longer! However, we need to keep our eyes and hearts on God, living according to His will for our lives, in consideration of the needs of those around us. This passage I read has a distinct focus on providing for those that are in poverty, or are struggling – no matter if they are victims of their own choices or of situations beyond their control. God calls us to reach out and have a tender heart for those in times of need – and God wants us not to just feel bad for those people, but to DO something to help them. Feed them, clothe them, give them a hand up – in whatever way we can.