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Fruits of the Spirit Friday: Sharing Joy

Welcome to Fruits of the Spirit Friday! Each Friday I will write about how I experienced one of the fruits of the spirit this week and today’s fruit is JOY.

Let me tell you about my Tuesday …

I did not sleep well on Monday night (I have issues with sleep. lol.) and then my morning looked like this:

  1. Had to drive my husband to the airport before the sun was up
  2. Had to come home and take the kids to school
  3. My 20 pound dog attempted to harass my 120 pound dog, so I had to wrestle with her so she would not get eaten and bruised both my knees
  4. My 7 pound dog peed on the floor and I had to clean it up
  5. I laid down to recoup from all the fun and closed my eyes for 5 minutes and my phone rang – it was my husband and he was not happy. There was some sort of issue with the airline and the flight he needed to be on that morning to make his other two connections had no seat for him, so…
  6. Back out to the airport to pick him up
  7. We got home in just enough time for me to clean myself up and head out the door to my allergist’s appoinment
  8. On the way out the door, my phone rang again – this time it was my daughter’s school – she had a tummy ache but being the mean mom that I am, I asked the nurse to let her tough it out until after lunch (why do I always feel so guilty making them tough it out?)
  9. GPS stopped working on the way to the doctor’s office and I got a little lost
  10. The doctor’s office told me I had to pay $120 to check in because they forgot to charge me last time – I talked them into accepting $60 and billing me for the rest
  11. Then the whole scratch-test and injection-tests at the allergist to test for penicillin allergy (I am not allergic by the way… woohoo!)
  12. Then home to eat and get online to work (and as you may have guessed…. lots of issues there after being out all morning).

So, you know what I did next???

Any ideas???

I LAUGHED so hard I almost fell off my chair! And each time something else happened, I laughed. Am I insane? I am pretty sure I am not… but I am joyful even in the midst of all of that. This is not my own doing but God’s – it HAS to be…. how else could I laugh off a morning like that?

So, this week the Fruit of the Spirit is JOY – I would love to hear what has brought you joy this week in the comments below.

Be blessed today and always!


Featured image credit: lifepartnerschristianministries.wordpress.com