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Ephesians 5:15-16 — Making the Most of Your Time

This passage and devotional lesson spoke of the importance of spending your time wisely. This was so important to me because of what I feel God has been telling me over the past week…

God granted me a miraculous healing – after 7 years of “instruction” (aka life with RA). I feel that God is telling me, “You have your life back. Now, what are you going to do with it?” When reading this passage, it is important to remember that God has given us each a set amount of time on this earth. He wants for us each to serve Him in the ways that He directs us. We can waste our limited time on earth by not focusing on God and allowing our eyes to be taken off of Jesus and refocused on other areas of our lives. It is when we change our focus that we are setting ourselves up for trouble.

For me… the biggest way that I waste my time – God’s time He has loaned to me – is by staying up too late and by hitting the snooze button WAYYYYY too many times in the morning. It has been easy to develop this bad habit over the past 7 years by telling myself that can get more done in the evening because I hurt less… and by telling myself that a few extra minutes of rest or a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day would be good for me. It is vital to have your RA rest time after all… right? Yes and no. Yes, I needed my rest, but NO I should not have been wasting my days trying to get it when I SHOULD have been resting at night!

So, now that another one of my “secret sins” is out in the open… it is not much of a secret anymore. This bars satan from using it as a stumbling block for me any longer. By having my sin in the open, it allows others to know my struggles and keep tabs on me and helps me be accountable to the desires that God has for me, instead of keeping my own desires in the fore-front of my mind. Again, I want to say that I LOVE THIS BLOG – as blogging is a fantastic way for me to strive for transparency – and NO secret sins. Writing about my walk with Christ gives me the opportunity to stay on track, and gives me the blessing of accountability. Praise God!