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Daniel, His Courage, His Strength and His Unending Faith

Daniel was a man that had such a strong faith in his Father, our God, he was saved over and over again.

I don’t think Daniel was saved just for “his own life” but what he became to others and how many came to God after seeing all Daniel was tested on over the years and persevered through it.  It can only be God!  Daniel and his friends were captured and were going to be forced to eat the “royal” food so that they could be fattened up and become soldiers – his first test to people was refusing to eat that and to only eat the foods his God allows him to eat – water and veggies.  After the 10 days of this he and his two friends were far healthier and stronger then the other captives eating the royal meals.

Daniel proved to the kinds he was faithful to his God.

When the king in power did not believe Daniel was honored by a God he tested him – he called on Daniel to interpret his dreams.  He would tell Daniel the dream and Daniel would get the words from God to say and relay the message – and of course those messages were correct.  Another challenge approached Daniel and his friends, they were never to pray to idols or other Gods.  The king Nebuchadnezzar erected a statue a HUGE statue of gold and commanded that everyone – no matter the language or area they came from was to bow and pray when they hear music from flutes, trumpets and so on if they did not they would be put to death.  Once the statue was finished the music sounded everyone bowed down and only three men were left standing….  Daniel and his friends.  They were immediately taken and “processed” for a fiery death.  It was like there was such an importance to prove there was no God and that he was really alone.  I feel like it was constant tests to “break Daniel and his friends” and so much focus and time spent on that. The king, Nebuchadnezzar, in his challenge to Daniel the king created the fire hotter then it has ever been and basically told him “let’s see if your God can save you now” – when the guards took them over to the edge, the fire was sooooo hot that the guards were swallowed up and killed.  The on lookers noticed something in the fire and asked what are those three images dancing in the fire?  Low and behold it was Daniel and his friends dancing in the fire – the king commanded them to come out and when they did there was not a scorched item on them, they were not harmed!  This could only be the work of God.  Nebuchadnezzar called on him one more time to interpret a dream it is showed his demise and healing return – this all became true and as they watched what Daniel had said would happen actually happen, Daniel’s God was finally recognized.

Now that the people started feeling there was a God, Daniel’s God, another king took over – Belshazzar.  He threw anything he could in the face of Daniel and his God – he was loud and a drinker, a partier until one night a hand appeared at a party and wrote on the wall – at that point Daniel was called to tell him what it meant – Daniel told him that it was a notation about him, the king, and that he has been weighed on the scales and found wanting.  Sure enough the city was raided and that king was killed.  He was looked at once again as a tie to his God.

Darius took over and found Daniel to be a great asset.  He appointed Daniel to a high position.  People, leaders in that area that served the king were jealous of the treatment he received and wanted to do something but they could find him doing no wrong in which to arrest him.  SO they put into plan to create a law of NO PRAYING to anyone or any God outside of the king, if you were found to you would be sentenced to death – knowing that Daniel prayed at least three times a day.  Once they took this to the king and got the law passed they waited for him to pray, they followed him home and caught him.  Daniel had the great habits of praying to God every day at least three times and he prayed on his knees bowing before God.  The leaders took this information to the king and forced him to impose the sentence of death as the law stated – they arrested himl and took him to the Lions Den and sealed him in.  The king was so upset to do this but he had to enforce the laws and he said to Daniel as he sealed the lion’s dean with a rock and his ring impression – “May your God who you serve continue to rescue you”  That night the king could not sleep and in the morning he was the first to be at the den door, he called out Daniel, who then replied “May the king live forever!  My God sent his servant angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions.  They have not hurt me, because I was found innocent in his sight.  Nor have I ever done anything wrong before you, Your majesty.”  The king immediately had Daniel removed and the wise men that lied about him and set him up thrown in with the lions, before they hit the floor they were devoured.. truly it was God who saved him.

Daniel is a great example of faith believing.  Doing what is right and never bowing down to society wants and “going with the flow”.  He remained faithful even when it meant his life – can we say we do that today?  Not the most of us, I know I cannot say I have believed and trusted that much – but the greatest thing he taught me was even if it meant his life, God is where you put your trust and you do things for NOT others or society – you will be saved!


  1. Thank you for this amazing reminder! I pray we could all have the faith that Daniel had!

  2. This story comes to us at such an awesome time in our study – starting with the food and where we are at too, Veggies and Water – With the next parts of the story… I am wondering what is in store for us next???