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Christina’s Day 43… The Right Color for Me, the Right Clothes for Me

Today is a day to start looking at our wardrobes, our clothes and the colors… SCARY THOUGHT!

Color is the first hurdle – choosing a core color for your clothes…

I know when I survey my closet, well from what I can get to because it is a disaster area, my color I tend to lean to is Black and also Browns.  The clothes in there tend to go from dressy to REAL casual.  The key theme in my clothes is country not so business.  My clothes are more relaxed then buttoned up!  My style is definitely ME.

I love to be comfortable and it seems the “new styles” are no so comfortable for me! Sticking with color I would have to say Black is what I would choose but Brown comes in a close second.  Earth tones are best for me I feel but are hard for me to coordinate so I use the fall back of Black.

I will never have a problem with the mistake Donna Partow did mixing up Navy and Black – Navy is not a color of clothes I would ever buy.

What I plan do to with the closet of clothes…

Purging my closet of the clothes that do not fit into my core colors is going to take like two weeks LOL.  I want to start by taking everything OUT of my closet and choosing what to put back in and what not too!  Perfect timing as I am still putting stuff together from our other “practical” lesson of getting rid of stuff and I am taking items to the GoodWill as I gather them  I am not even waiting for it to be all together but as I finish each section of cleaning I take a load!

I will stop working today by 3pm PST and start emptying my closet of clothes, shoes and linens into the guest room so I can go through them and put back what I use, AND yes this means SHOES too – I have become a “collector” not so much of a “wearer” of them!

Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus – Thank you for the strength to get back into our study today after a couple of weeks off – I know you gave us the ability to spend time and to focus on our families and not stress balancing it all at once.  Today I pray for those who have their arms stretched up to you looking for guidance and assistance – though they may not always be looking to you they are today and they need you.  I know you are a great Father and you will reach back to them – what I also pray is that they hear, feel and know you are there for them and it will continue to build your  place in their hearts and lives on a more consistent basis.  In Your Name Amen!


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  1. Shoes used to be a biggie for me, but RA fixed that! Lol. After I was diagnosed, my feet hurt so bad that I got rid of all my heels and never replaced them. Now I have one pair each of: flip-flops, summer dress shoes, winter dress shoes, crocs, orthopedic “magic shoes,” and light-weight cross-trainer sneakers. 6 pairs isn’t bad considering an ex-boyfriend from my early 20’s once called me Imelda Marcos. Lol.