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Christina’s Days 50, 51, 52, 53 & 54 Week of Home Enterprises

It is a shame I am late in posting this particular week’s studies.  This was by far the week that I had the best handle on!  Home Enterprises is a combo of Working from Home, Multiple Streams of Income, Trying Direct Marketing, Real Estate Investing, and Internet Marketing.

Working From Home

Securing a career and a business that you can own and do from home is the focus.  I left Corporate America in 2008 and have not returned.  I left a successful career in Animation to open my own company as a Virtual Assistant – VA-a-GoGo.  After doing research on what Virtual Assistants were I found myself so excited as this is something I CAN DO and I CAN CREATE.  It took all of the “things” I love to do and rolls into something that I could control.  I was lucky to have a husband that was supportive of the move and was working his own job still in Corporate America in order to support us.  VA-a-GoGo was open for business Feb 18th 2008 and I have never looked back again.  Working from home does allow me to create a schedule that I can still be a Mom to my children, a wife to my kids and a support to my extended family if needed.  I get opportunities to travel and be on site with some clients but most of the time I get to work from home in my office and 5 years into it I still love doing what I do!

Multiple Streams of Income

This day is focusing on creating multiple streams of income…

  • Interest from Saving:  I do have a couple savings account though they do not have a lot of $$ in them there is some.  Interest rates are so super low there is not a lot of income generated here BUT I do have them.  I am adding $50 per month to this account but will look into upping that.
  • Dividends from Investments:  I have a retirement account started that was rolled over from when I was working with a company that had a retirement fund – I keep it and I add $50 per month to it and do  not touch it.  I also have invested in a company last year at at the moment I have doubled my money so far – I am watching this to know when is a good time to buy more shares.
  • $$ From Sale of Properties: We currently own the home we live in here in California, we also own 7 acres in Texas with a shell house on it – with the drop in the market a few years ago, we are even with the house as far as what it is worth and what we can get for it.  The property in Texas we own outright and do not owe anything on it – BUT it is not worth super much because of location.  At the moment we are not looking to sale either of them and we don’t have enough together to buy any investment properties – but it is not out of the question in our future.
  • Passive Income: Currently I have several Affiliate accounts with different companies – I use them and promote them within my VA company – I can make any where from $25 – $300 per month on commissions earned.  This is completely passive income, I request programs to clients and people and when they use my link I get paid.  Most people understand the ideal and look forward to helping you since you were helping them.
  • Royalties from Intellectual Properties: I have not created products for sale under VA-a-GoGo yet.  I have a list of things I would like to complete – this year, 2013, I plan to complete at the minimum, One Product that is mine to promote and sell.

Direct Marketing

I have ventured into several direct marketing and multi-level marketing companies  but none of them panned out for me.  I am not saying there was anything wrong with them but it was all me.  I look at my performance and I realize that a “sales person” of a “person offering opportunities” is not really me.  It is not an area I enjoy working in – I like being hands on working.  I would suggest this to everyone to try at least once.  You need to be sure to work with your upline.  You need to look for coaching.  You need to be persistent and work it and take it seriously.  Be honest about what you like to do and what you don’t like to do and find a company that can support that.

Real Estate Investing

This is something that my husband to look into.  At the moment we are focusing on getting out of debt and not taking on more.  Our next property purchase will be a home in Houston Texas for us to move to for his work.  We will then evaluate keeping the home in California for rental property and look into what to do with the property in Trintiy Texas.  The Trinity property will probably stay in our possessions so that Jodie has a place to go hunting and “camping” plus it is roughly two dirt road blocks from Jodie’s parents.

Internet Marketing

This is an area I work in everyday.  Between setting up items for clients, my business is all “marketed on the internet” along with working the Affiliate markets too.  This I can say is a great place for me to earn extra income.  I am very comfortable in this area and plan to expand it to start making some serious money.  My goal for 2013 would be to increase my affiliate marketing commissions earned to a steady $500 per month.

Dear Lord I Pray…


Dear Jesus – Thank you for all the things you bring into my life.  Thank you for the knowledge you have given me.  Thank you for my company!  I pray that as I move forward over the year and those to come, I pray I will always have YOUR path for me in my line of sight and that I will do right by you and your wants for me.  I pray that my life plan and business plan are in alignment at all times.  I know I might stray and get distracted but with my daily communications with you I pray it will not be a long time “off-track”.  Jesus you are a great God and I am so lucky you are my God – we are all lucky here on earth to have you as OUR God.  In Your Name AMEN.