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Christina’s Days 24, 25, & 26…. Better late than never

Today is Saturday and I am using it to catch up!  Along with the changes this study is bringing me in my life, changes are being brought in my business life too. Some say you close one door for another to open…I say you close one door for 100 others to open!

I did not think making such small changes in eating habits and drinking habits could make such big changes but it has…I have lost like 4 pounds and I am enjoying how I am eating and drinking. This is amazing! I have planned my breakfasts to have a handful of nuts, a veggie. Some protein most of the time a few slices of cheese and a hand full of cherry tomatoes.

I am looking forward to “rebounding”. I would have never thought simply jumping would do so much for you… something I can do anytime like suggested watching TV but also maybe working if I get my touch screen working again….

The cleansing bath… wow that sounds divine! I think I will add this to my Sundays to start out… this way it is in my pamper day AND I will be starting a new week fresh… I will have to wait a week or so because where we are headed for visiting there is no tub.

The cleansing meal plan sounds great! It also sounds do-able! It will take some planning and preparing but do-able!

Changes are happening in my life in this study….but more importantly changes are happening to me! I figure even if I take away one third of the habits that are being reenforced here I am 100% ahead of where I started.

TAG time…Moving forward….Eating/drinking better….Exercise time… and more to come!

Dear Jesus…thank you for being there for our morning meetings even if I was not.  You are super super faithful in all that you do. I know YOU know my love is strong for you and even though I was not in our meeting spot you were with me in my struggles this week.  Thank you for the strength to move past blocks in my business. Having you as my CEO is the perfect fit. Jesus thank you for the motivation in this study… it is a total blessing!

Jesus I pray for those around the world that are in strife and that you can lay your hand out to protect those in need.  Jesus I know you see it all and know the outcome…. I know there are reasons for suffering and I may not understand it all, my faith is in you.

I pray for our leaders… all leaders…countries, states, cities and households… I pray that you speak NOT so softly to them in hopes they hear uou….I pray your will is followed and what you know is achieved….  IN YOUR NAME AMEN!!

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  1. So glad to hear that the suggestions are working for you! Praise God! It is so exciting when you can see changes happen quickly like that. :o)