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Christina’s Day 9…Staying Planted in the Word of God

Wow what a difference in my day today… not that great things did not happen they did but the start was rough and the day was a bit “frantic” – the difference between today and yesterday?  I did not start my day in the Word or doing my daily study…

This was a great sense of “witness” to ME – seeing how different my attitude, my stress level and my “business” was today compared to yesterday.  What a lesson!  God has a way of teaching us everyday and to remind us to NOT GO OFF TRACK it just takes some of us longer to hear him talking to us.  Praise God I heard him sooner than later!  No matter what I need to start my days before I do work in the Word!  I also need to get myself back to the Gym!  I even had a client check how I was doing at the Gym and I had to tell him I have not been for sometime :o(  OK Jesus I heard that one too!

I could not find the bible study worksheets and I don’t remember them from the last study I started, so I will look in my real book – but if you have the right link, I would appreciate it…

Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus..

Thank you for the “not so gentle” reminders today on remaining in your Word and keeping my commitments to you and our time together.  Thank you for the blessing of our new grand baby, Faith, and THANK YOU for the news on Alicia and her RA – you never cease to do miracles!  Jesus I take this time to recommit myself to you and our time together in the morning!  Please protect those that have experienced Sandy on the East coast and help them to look to you for assistance, guidance, and love!  I praise with all that I have Lord!  In YOUR name… Amen

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about not getting a good start on your day – it makes a HUGE difference. Blessings are all around us – all we have to do is pray and believe and amazing things will happen! I have the worksheets. 🙂 They are saved in our Shared Dropbox folder for Bible study items. I put them there last night for us.