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Christina’s Day 8… Being Selective, where do I measure up?

Good Morning – Today’s study is on being selective and watching what you spend your time, energy and resources on. 

How awesome that this falls right into what I said on Friday on how I need to reevaluate and prioritize how and where I spend my time and how I want to listen to more Christian music.  God continues to speak!

Rating myself:

  • Reading Material: 8 – I choose Christian books to read and have found I love them – right now I am reading the Outlaw’s Bride, reading it slow but love the story!
  • Media Exposure: 4 – I tend to watch crime shows like Law and Order, CSI, Criminal Minds – not sure if this is really bad but never really thought about it
  • Fashion Sense: 8 I tend to like the sexy look BUT not on me, haha I do dress more modest then Jodie would like me too
  • Financial Priorities: 5 – I work on paying off the debt we have gotten ourselves into, we are down from two 11,000 credit cards to 2,000 and 3,000 so I am super excited – all other credit cards have been paid off and we do not intend on opening any others!  Bills are current and I give offering when I go to church, but need to go more!
  • Family Time: 2 – this has really taken a bomb since everyone has left the house and it is only Tucker and I, BUT we had a great day on Saturday and spent like 5 hours together running errands, having breakfast and stuff it was great.  Time to clean off dinner table and eat at it again!
  • Home Life: 8 – not sure what this means but house is clean enough :o), and time is spent here and not just running around.
  • Diet/Food Selection: 5 – I was doing good but “fell off the food wagon” and started just eating what I wanted to.  This is also difficult with a husband that is like if it ain’t fried it ain’t worth eating LOL, working on better food for me and Tucker and sneaking stuff to Jodie
  • Personal Appearance: 4 – I wear sweats all of the time unless I am meeting with a client then I will get dressed up, but I feel I need to work better on this and get “dressed” in the morning – maybe sweats but do my hair and make up at least!
  • Time Usage: 3 – I spend the majority of my time working so I think I need to find that balance again!
Dear Lord I Pray…


Dear Jesus – Today starts a new week with a fresh set of eyes.  Thank you for this study, it is really a focus for me!  Please help those that are on the East coast prepping for “Sandy” to hit.  Keep them safe ~ bless those around you Lord.  IN YOUR name Amen!

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  1. I am with you on several areas here… we are more alike than we realize. LOL. After I post mine, we can compare them and see where we can help each other. Way to go on posting your strengths and your weaknesses… as well as staying on track with your readings. (((hugs)))