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Christina’s Day 79… PrePay Your Mortgage

I have always heard about paying down your mortgage faster than it is scheduled to be paid off…  I never truly found a “plan of action” that I could wrap my head around.  I am sure Dave Ramsey, in the Financial Peace University had a great plan – but when taking that course I really focused on other areas like Credit Cards and saving my first $1,000 to start that program.  But listening to Donna Partow now hearing just add 10% of your payment each month – I can hear that now.Our mortgage is also an impound account with our taxes and insurance – so the payments are up to $1,600+ a month – so an extra $160 per month – wow I think that is doable! AND with the Credit Cards being paid off by the end of they year it surely will be doable when that is completed.  I need to figure out the plan on our equity loan, that one is still just the interest being paid – maybe the plan is we chuck a principal payment to that and leave the house payment as is and get that to disappear?  Hmm will have to do some research!

It is amazing, God’s timing and when you see the “light” at the end of the tunnel – you have hope which motivates you even more.  When you start to see the rewards of your hard work you are looking for more hard work to do just for the high!

Jesus tends to send us messages in the perfect time, imagine that….  but the question is do you hear it?  Do you act on it? Do you continue to be lost and wonder when are you going to get ahead.  I can say with this study, Becoming The Woman God Wants You To Be – The Proverbs 31 Woman has been a blessing for me – though I have started it two other times, THIS was the perfect time.  Thank you Jesus!

I know, just like when I did Financial Peace University, I am not getting every lesson from this study – I am not doing it perfect – and I am sure I could do it again when I am done this time BUT I also know that I am getting what I am suppose to be getting out of it RIGHT NOW…. and I Love It!  AND I do plan on doing Financial Peace University again after this study as my financial focus is upfront.

Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus… grant us the strength to pay our debtors and to get out from owing anyone.  Help to guide us into the pay off plan YOU want us to have so that we are not in a place where we are confined by others and we will be able to move forward in the PLANS YOU have for US in life – financially, relationship wise, family wise, employment wise ALL of it.  Jesus I know you will guide us and we just need to open our minds, hearts and EARS to hear you – but that is not all we have to TRUST you and take action and not restrict what we do by fear, Fear is Satan’s way of keeping us down and distancing ourselves from YOU…  Lord we are blessed having you in our lives.. THANK YOU – In Your Name Amen!