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Christina’s Day 7… The first week in review

WOW I did it – I said the memory verse without having to check it!  This is great!

My week’s evaluation:

1) Am I listening and hearing God’s voice?  What is he saying to me?

I can say I do hear God’s voice but the real question is am I paying attention to it – I can honestly say I don’t think I pay attention ALL of the time but it is getting better.  He says things to me to guide me in choices, support me in times I need it and also points things out to me.

2) Am I increasingly manifesting the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?   What areas look encouraging?  What needs prayers?

I am manifesting the fruit of the Spirit and the areas that look encouraging is the self-control in my marriage in knowing the best time to “talk” with Jodie and when is not – I will say I still need prayer in that area as it is always difficult and support is welcomed. I know today and yesterday Spiritual Warefare is hitting hard – I believe Satan is trying to get me to sway from all the good that is coming over me in the word – LOOK OUT it is not going to work – I will continue to pray for all of the Fruit of the Spirit to continue to fill my world so much so it flows out to others!

3) What did God teach me during my TAG time?

I have to say I have not dedicated TAG time everyday so there is a lot more to learn here!

4) Which priorities did I live by?  Which goals did I pursue?

My priority was to complete my morning time in this study and I did that, except for yesterday :o(  I don’ think I set a goal so much so, but I have one now – my goal is to in this next week add dedicated time for TAG to my day!

5) Which priorities or goals did I neglect?

Well I missed my bible study all around yesterday – I did not do this study AND I did not complete my homework for my Thursday bible study meeting, in fact I did not attend.

6) What new thing did I learn – about life, God, my family, and the people around me?

What did I learn new… hmmm nothing really NEW but totally reinforced – GOD never gives up on you, never leaves you and LOVES you no matter what happens!

7) What are my specific priorities/goals for the coming week?

This coming week I have a goal of dedicating TAG time each day.  Sharing with Alicia what I was shown, told, or read.


Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus,

Stand close to me today – I feel Satan coming in to rob me of the joy you have brought me over the week. Thank you Alicia for reminding me of who was stealing that from me! Jesus, I want to spend more time with you in my day.  I want to listen to worship music more often, pick up the bible even for only 5 minutes just to read something YOU want to show me – Jesus, I am here with open arms and look forward to an GREAT week with you ahead!  Father, please be with Denise, Danny and their kids in this time – I am concerned about Danny’s condition and cannot reach anyone so I am trusting in you that when it is time they will call me back. I pray that Danny has begun to improve and is soaking up your love and healing touch.  Jesus – please be with Alicia this weekend and assist her in feeling better, having a wonderful time with her family and to be ready for our visit with you on Monday for day 8!  I lift up those close to me so you can have a closer reach to them…  Thank you for this study and the strength to push on when I did not feel like it — you are my strength and you have a great angel by my side in Alicia!  Thank you Jesus, in your name AMEN!

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  1. WOOT! Way to go on your memory verse! I am honored to be here to help encourage you and am blessed to have you encourage me. Thank you God, for this wonderful opportunity to get closer to you, while spending time sharing with my friend Christina! I am praying for you always Christina and I KNOW that God will bless us as we keep helping each other stay on track. 🙂