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Christina’s Day 59… Cleaning Caddies, Hmm Organization in Cleaning

I know I am an organized freak but the thought of “Organizing” your cleaning supplies – well I never went there!  The concept is great!  And I love the last little hint, “the real reason to have more than one cleaning caddy with that room’s supplies in it… because there should be more than one person cleaning!” Perfect – I am on and I am getting my caddies and supplies TODAY!I did end up getting all my cleaning supplies in once place – they are in a basket in the garage – along with the vacuum, broom, dust pans and rags – I will get the three caddies and organize the supplies like suggested BUT I will still keep them in the garage.  I feel my house is too small to keep the caddies in the house – plus I need the exercise to go get them anyways!

I will label each container so that NO ONE can get them confused or have the excuse of “I did not know what room to use it in”!

This might sound funny – but I love today’s challenge/task!  See you on the cleaner side!

Mission Complete 

Dear Lord I Pray…


Dear Jesus – Today we are back on the Organize train!  Thank you for being so patient with me.  You are such a loving God, we all need to look to you for our parenting skills – you challenge at times for our growth and you hug at times for our support!  I strive to be more like you! In Your Name Amen




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  1. Your caddies rock! I never thought of having more than one caddy before either, but it makes so much sense.