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Christina’s Day 58…. Declutter – hmm where do I start?

Ok today we hit the ground with DeClutter!  Hmmm did God know what I was posting for yesterday’s reading?  Does he know where I need the most help?  And the focus in on Piles of Paper – Hmm I wonder!  Well of course he did, does and IS!  Funny thing is, is that this tells me I am not the only one either!  There is some relief in that.DeCluttering I have done in the house – what I did not want to deal with I moved to the office LOL – I guess I just prolonged the pain of clearing it out and going through it!

I will look at spending 30 mins a day in the office just focusing on decluttering it!  I will start with papers then move through to the organization tools I need!  The problem is once I get started it is hard to stop – I think that is why I avoid it so much because I know if I start I will be there for two days!  But I am going to set a timer and make sure there is an end to it each day so I do not get so wrapped up in it – maybe that will make it more palatable for me?  I also will need to look at a couple new furniture buys what I have now is not working and it helps to build the mess instead of helping to organize.

I look forward to this challenge – it will also help me with a couple of my tackle list items for the house since that is where all of my pictures are being stored since the painting – I am to organize how I want them back up on the walls and in order to organize the office I need to get them out! Hmm God’s plan for sure!

Dear Lord I Pray…


Dear Jesus – today once again you inspire me – though I know I cannot take action right this minute you have given me a doable plan and I know it is something I can achieve – a clutter free office!  A fun working environment and no more drain space!  Thank you – IN Your Name I Pray – AMEN!

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  1. The papers surely do pile up fast in the office! I am like you… Once I start organizing, I am likely to stick to it until the task is done. That’s exactly how I end up overdoing things and hurt later.

    A timer is an excellent idea! I like the plan of 30 mins a day. If you can get a routine established for that, then hopefully things won’t pile up so quickly.