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Christina’s Day 57… Home Management Robbing Time – the 80/20 Rule!

Home management – revisiting the 80/20 rule we did weeks back and now we are applying it to our homes – hmmm.  In the study it is said 20% of our home consumes 80% of our time keeping it organized and or cleaned. Identifying this time consuming area is the key to it all!

Dividing my home into 10 zones:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Diningroom
  3. Livingroom
  4. Front Bathroom
  5. Mariah’s Room/Guest Room
  6. Tucker’s Room
  7. Jodie & My Room
  8. Back Bathroom
  9. Garage
  10. Office

Finding the two rooms/areas that are the messiest and take most of my time is not so easy…  if it is taking the most of my time cleaning and recleaning it up it would have to be Kitchen and Dining Room – one is the place where most of the activity is and one is the collection zone.  BUT if I am looking for places that need the most help with organization I would have to say OFFICE and GARAGE.  Though I do not spend time in them every day cleaning and recleaning – they are the most disorganized areas.

Coming up with a plan to keep the areas I clean and reclean the most I would start:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room

I believe my plan would start like this – run the rumba every day in these areas to keep floors clean.  Make dinner and EAT at the table the entire family (well who ever is home) and clean up kitchen immediately after the meal is done – with the help of those here!  NO EATING in front of the TV and getting more tired then when I started.  By doing this, the table area has to stay cleared off so we can eat there and by having help to clean up the dinner mess it won’t be all on me.

Coming up with a plan for organizing the areas that just get piles set down in them because there is no EASY place to put things away on first glance I would start:

  • Office
  • Garage

This is going to take discipline to follow through and of course the right tools.  First comes clean up and clear out!  I will have to be responsible for my office and the garage will have to be done while Jodie is home going back and forth out of state to work.  I commit today to look at tools and items that will help me better organize my office – I will update the post when I find things to use!

Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus – grant me the strength to work on the items here!  The cleaning and getting the house together is coming along great since I had the house painted it is just a slow go getting it back together because I am being choosiey on what I really want back in the house – I pray you give me the guidance to see the things that just contribute to clutter and not to the family environment!  As for Organization Jesus – I pray that you help with the strength to tackle these two HUGE areas – it is draining to spend time in places where there is not an easy place to put things away or to clean it up!  I know you are putting the bug in me right now and I know just as you did with my closet I am going to find the power to clean, clear, throw away and give away!  Today is a day of strength and for-site and I appreciate all your are doing for me and my family!  IN Your Name AMEN!

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  1. How’s the clean-out going in dining room and kitchen?

    Weekends in those areas cause trouble at my house. I think when everyone’s home, its harder to keep them clear. Time to train my helpers again. 😉