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Christina’s Day 5… The Power of Positivity!

Positive thinking is something I do well…. I did notice that it does change when you are around people that are not positive thinkers, like my husband.  I can feel myself be dragged down in mood, situations, and my own well being when he is being negative.  It is very heavy. 

He told me once I was the most negative person he knows LOL – I laugh because I get nothing but praises from everyone else around me of how positive I am – I think about it now and I am sure it is Satan’s way of trying to hold me down through him.  I have been working really hard at not letting his negativity reflect in me and it is very hard but I have been able to accomplish it.

Knowing this is one of Satan’s biggest warfare’s against us gives me the strength to find the tools I can use everywhere I go.  In the book, The Screwtape Letters by C.S.Lewis this was spoken about – the fact that Satan finds your “thinking” one of the easiest ways to manipulate us because we are often alone in our minds so busy that it is in a sense unprotected.

Reading today’s passage, it is a great reminder to keep your mind and thoughts centered on God even when we are busy – some ideas I am going to try is while working keep music playing – I can stream a Christian station through the computer while working or even turn the cable on to the music channels and have one filling the house as I cook, clean and just hang out!  Keep a good inspirational book in the bathroom so anyone can pick it up. And most important SMILE.

The other thing I took from today’s reading is the reminder to Give It To God (GITG) – don’t dwell on the bad situation but to Give It To God and you dwell in the word and the positive thinking knowing God will take care of it!

Most important – remember to LAUGH and be JOYFUL – we can help heal all!


I pray…

Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Lord –

As we face times of adversity, we will turn to you!  Jesus we all know people around us that are suffering and Lord I want to lift them to you. Some we know by name, some

we know by sight, and some we know are just there – none of that makes any of them less deserving of our love and help to get them to you.  Jesus, today I promise to be a positive person even in times of trouble or personal challenge – I know and I have faith that YOU are always there and will do the heavy lifting and all I have to do is not get caught up in the BAD but focus on the good!  Jesus, I leave that painful burden to you and rejoice in the “tasks” you have assigned to me – no longer do I want to try to do your job…  I will plan to come to you with the issue and leave it with you and take away a smile of confidence that the right one is in control and has the job now!  In you name, AMEN

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  1. You are such a strong, positive woman – and the perfect accountability partner for me! I really like your advice in this post… especially the reminder to SMILE. It seems so easy, but it is a really good start to grabbing onto positivity in our thoughts and lives.