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Christina’s Day 47… God-findence, Self-Control and Demeanor

In the theme of the week more work on SELF.  Today’s focus is God-fidence, Self-Control and Demeanor….

Setting an example on how to act, behave, react, carry yourself and teat others all falls under today’s topic.  That is a lot to take in and a long laundry list for us to check and recheck!  There are different areas where I would venture to say we all fall short from time to time.I would say that I do have a good self confidence – NOT always God-fidence.  I do trust in God but at times when I am not completely on my toes I fall back to relying on my self and then moving into Self Confidence.  When ever I fall to Self I loose a little ground on what I am working on.  Why would I fall out of God-findence? Things start running so smooth that I loose the focus that all that is going right is gifts from God.  OR I get scared by a situation and I start to look inward instead of upward for assistance – I am getting a lot better at this one but there is always more room for improvement!

I have to say I bet my biggest weakness is my reactions with my husband, holding my tongue when I should – not getting my feelings hurt so easy and not reacting.  These have to be the hardest areas for me to hold proper demeanor.  I pray that God gives me a stronger sense of control and strong reminders that I look to him for my needs and strength in my reactions.  I want to have a stronger sense of God-fidence in these areas!

I do believe that I walk and talk with God-fidence .  I give the Lord praises to other people.  I speak OF Jesus while having conversations – not in “witnessing”  or in a pushy way but just bring him into my conversation – I love sharing the great things – Like the gal that was giving me my massage today – Sam – she was telling me about a car accident she had going off the side of a mountain road and going head over tail in her car and only breaking her collar bone – I told her God Has A Plan for you here on earth!  She agreed! and we kept talking.

Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus – fill my days with God-fidence!  I have such a full feeling when my heart and mind are in the right place, with the Lord, and I want to do all that my father expects me to do.  I know that no matter what is going on in life God is there for me – he is there to protect me, he is there to love me, her is there to share and celebrate with me!  Remembering this every minute of everyday increases my God-fidence! In Your Name Amen.

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  1. I love your phrase: “GOD-fidence”!

    I am praying for more for you today (and myself as well). 🙂

    As women, we tend to be a bit more emotional & its so easy to react instead of wait & think, then speak. God made us this way for a reason… One of His ways to help teach us self control.