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Christina’s Day 46… Covering Up

Today we are discussing Modesty – Covering Up – Dressing Appropriate no matter how you say it, it all means the same thing Dress In A Way That You Don’t Expose Yourself.

Donna Partow goes in depth on this subject!  Dressing so you are pretty, feel pretty but don’t show everything you own to the world.

Dressing with modesty is important to me – knowing what to wear when and where is important.  I like to cover up more than my husband wants me to –

I like to wear jeans and sweats – the more comfortable the BETTER!  I wear t-shirts all of the time.  I do not like skirts and dresses – not comfortable and too girlie for me! LOL  I do wear shorts and capri pants in summer – I try not to wear shorts and capris out because I am too white LOL

If I am working an event I wear dress slacks and dressy over shirts that cover my backside!  I don’t wear high heels (I walk like a truck driver in heels when and if I do!)

We don’t discuss bathing suits due to my weight gain – but I do like bikini’s with skirt bottoms IF I was smaller! And I would only wear it when my husband is around.

My regular dress style tends to go denim and country in some sort – minus any daisy dukes for sure!

I don’t seem to have a problem with modesty in my dress!!

Dear Jesus… Today I pray that you continue to help me monitor how I dress.  Help me to set a good example for my daughter in how she dresses and to help my son know how a girl should dress and respect herself. I pray that you turn someone’s head to re-look at how they are dressing and make a difference today!  I pray that the young ladies today will start to see themselves with more respect and not only respect themselves but to also demand respect from others! In Your Name Amen