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Christina’s Day 45… Purging MORE STUFF

Christina’s Day 45…  Purging MORE STUFF

Wow, I think Donna Partow is looking in my closets, cupboards, under my bathroom sink and all my other “gathering” places!  Surely I am the “only one” that collects so much STUFF that I either don’t wear, don’t use or hold on to things even when they do not look good me! hehehe Well she blew the whistle on everyone – I am not the only person! And neither are you!  Good to know, huh?Under my bather sink is full of stuff I don’t use, won’t use or just have to hold on to for some reason (not a good one mind you just a reason).  Thank you for giving me this task to purge it all out.  You set the rules up so nicely.

This week and weekend my focus will be my bedroom closet – then next on my tackle list will be the bathroom area!  It is nice having a plan to do these things.  To clean out the clutter and the unneeded items we hold on to for – well I have no real idea why!

I am a collector of sorts and it feels good to have “permission” to get rid of things and to set in the mind set for future acquisitions.  I am really looking at life differently and the the word SIMPLIFY has now become a great one for me!  I love having space back around me, breathing room and I want to keep it that way.  (Now to get my family on board with the idea – that is not going to be such an easy task!)

Wish me luck and say prayers for me on the challenge tasks ahead of me!

Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus… Thank you once again for the study from Donna Partow and my wonderful accountability partner in it all, Alicia.  Having someone that is reading the study with me is really helping me move forward in completing it and adhering to more of the “practical practices”. Jesus I want to take a moment and ask you to help those that were hurt this morning in the New York Ferry crash – looking at the injured people laying there being treated is so sad. I pray that they are recover well.  Lord – we are still looking for Sarah Alarid here in my neighborhood – she has been missing for just over a week now and my heart goes out to her family and friends – I pray that she is OK and somewhere safe, but family and friends say it is unlike her to not be in touch.  Jesus please help the searchers get a clue to where she is no matter the outcome, we need to find her – they have not even found her car…  Lord I lift them all to you for you are the one to bring peace to this matter.  Thank you Jesus for the great days this past week – I appreciate all you have brought into my life – I love our conversations.  I pray this to you, In Your Name Amen.

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  1. I am a collector too! I blame it on my old college professor who said “All good teachers are pack rats.” That’s when it started, but now that I’m not teaching in a school setting, I still have so much stuff – well not as much now than when we began this study. 😉 I am loving the simplify strategies!

    PS: Praise God for the answered prayers for the missing girl! I pray that He will now comfort her family.