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Christina’s Day 39… Cold Hard Cash!

Today the focus is on using cash – well not necessarily the “green stuff” but using payment methods that are NOT credit cards – so paying with debt card, check or cash and being aware of when the money runs out!Dave Ramsey asks you to start an envelope system where you take out the cash you have designated for that budgeted area and when the envelope is empty you can no longer spend money there.  Donna Partow says basically you don’t have to have a budget so much as you need to pay with check, debt card, or cash and when you are out you cannot spend anymore.  I like the organization of the budget with Dave but I also like the simplicity with Donna.

But honestly, since I did what I did with our credit cards and canceled them I do not charge things any more – well I guess the adage of never say never fits here – I did and probably will do again use my Kohl’s card for Christmas presents this year again.  BUT I did pay it off in a timely fashion.  It is difficult in this time of the year because my dad basically moves in for a month or more and all of our bills go up. Mariah comes home for two weeks and then the bills go up – AND Jodie takes time off and the income goes down…

I did start saving this year for Christmas time so that will be helpful.

But paying cash, debt card or check is what I am currently doing – and look forward to fitting it into a budget plan too shortly!

Dear Lord I Pray…


Dear Jesus…  Thank you for starting me on this discipline of not resorting to credit cards to buy things anymore.  Thank you for giving me this lesson!  I also have to thank you for something on topic but off topic… Thank you for not allowing my “want” to move to a bigger house when we had all of that equity in our home and buying when the market was so high – I know that it would have been the end of us financially.  I know that you were behind holding me back and I am so grateful that I heard you and listened!  You had me so focused on cleaning up the mess we made that I did not want to take on something else.. THANK YOU!  Jesus, though the lessons you put me through I go into them kicking and screaming I come out a much better person – I am honored to be working towards the life YOU have in store for me!  In Your Name Amen!