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Christina’s Day 37…. Assets vs Liabilities

Assets and Liabilities – this is something that is taught back in school – well at least in my Econ class in high school I had the class.  Did I pass it, yes – did I learn anything, yes – am I practicing it, NO!It is easy to throw away what you study in school – when you are there you are thinking yeah yeah this makes sense how will I not do it – WELL blamo then life happens and all “logic” when it comes to $$ is thrown out the window.  (again speaking of myself)

I am starting my Assets vs Liabilities worksheet today – I think I will need to do two, one for our personal stuff and one for my business – You know Jesus is my CEO, I better get that inline too or he is going to be calling a meeting real soon!  (kinda like the meeting last night with eye openers LOL)

I have taken the Dave Ramsey course and I have all of the budget forms – and I loved registering for his budgeting membership site because it made it super easy – hmm maybe something to take a look at again!

Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus – finances…hmmm you know better than anyone else that I do not like looking at, dealing with or talking about money!  I don’t think it makes me feel uncomfortable I just don’t like the stress of it – I pray that you help me form a better view of dealing with money – maybe I am skewed because I struggled with having money all of  my life from back when I can remember with my mother as a child – so it is so negative and I am used to NOT HAVING IT, but I know today I am far more blessed by you and have more financial resources than ever – so I pray that you help gather my negative areas about money and chip away at them, I promise to participate with you and listen to learn more and gain more security – I also pray that you help me to be more aware of where my money is going so that I can be a better steward for what you have given me!  In Your Name Amen!