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Christina’s Day 33 – Hmm a Tackle List, this could be fun!

Carrying the weight of all of the things “you need to do” around is more tiring then doing the actual task! I am such a list maker but have never really made a tackle list quite like this…  Going room to room making a list of everything I have been holding inside, up in my head and on my heart that needs to be completed gets me one more step closer to getting it all done! My Tackle List will be something I can add to anytime something else pops in my head but here is the starter:

Living room:

  • Finish Love&Joy plaque for above fireplace  (afraid of starting this project because it is not something I have done before)
  • Gather all of the pictures that will go on walls and take inventory
  • Order Families are Forever sign for my wall
  • Get frames I want for pics
  • Arrange pics for wall hanging
  • Create a Pillow for window seat (pick out cloth and sew it!)
  • Get Pillar Candles for Fireplace wrought iron holders
  • Get tile floor steamed cleaned
  • Get new window treatments (I want shutters in this room)


  • Buy Shelving paper
  • Put shelving paper in cupboards
  • Get “plate” for olive oil containers so they are not sitting on the counter
  • Replace Kitchen TV
  • Get new Dishes – Fiesta ware and multi colors

Dining room:

  • Get Crystal from boxes in garage
  • Wash Crystal dishes
  • Fill hutch in dining room with crystal
  • Get new dining room table
  • Clean off black table

My Bedroom:

  • Get rid of rocker
  • Move makeup table from my side of bed to guest room
  • Get new window treatments (blinds and curtians)
  • Hang blinds and Curtains
  • Get new bedding (bed spread and stuff)
  • CLEAN OUT CLOSET and reorganize it!! (biggie)
  • Clean out dresser and reorganize it

Guest Bedroom:

  • Get a Trundle Bed for room
  • Get rid of queen bed in there
  • Move dresser into closet
  • Get closet doors and put up
  • Get new window treatments


  • Take stuff already earmarked for yard sale to Goodwill
  • Go through stuff from house in there and weed through it
  • Take new stuff to Goodwill
  • Get areas above garage back organized by theme/holiday/use
  • Create Tub list/library of stuff

Front Yard:

  • Have someone edge
  • Trim Roses
  • Fix tree that is leaning
  • Fix the broken sprinkler by walkway
  • Get Three Big pots with Topiary trees in them for right side of walkway
  • Put in the Malibu lighting

Back Yard:

  • Clean out wood from platform
  • fill in dirt where standing pool was
  • Have it rototillered and leveled
  • Plant new grass

Though this list is daunting, it feels great getting it out of my head and actually seeing it – now I can chip away at it and not think I have to do it ALL at once – this makes it so much easier to evaluate!


Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus – Today I am late doing my post but I know you are proud of me for doing it and getting it done.  For keeping the commitment I made to not only my accountability partner but to YOU too!  Jesus I feel strength leave me as I move away from you – whether it is distractions, overwhelm or plain complacency as I move away I can actually feel it.  Paying attention to those feelings is super important – that is YOU speaking to me whispering that my head is turned – Thank you for being such a faithful Father, one that stands by me no matter what and is there to guide me everyday, I promise to continue to listen to you – Thank you for speaking to me!  Today I want to lift up family that is in deep trouble struggling with all different situations…  I love you Jesus, In You Name AMEN.