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Christina’s Day 32…. Box It Up!

In following yesterday’s lesson and the theme of clearing out, today is the day we are to focus on “boxing it up” – old clothes, old decorations – basically boxing up the items you are keeping but not using on a regular basis…I love tote boxes – my family restricts me from going to “container” stores or down the tote box isle at our big stores because I always come home with some.  Do I put them all to work, I would have to say NO – but I have good intentions LOL

This strategy and action step will come in handy when I tear the rafters of the garage apart again – I just took apart the garage floor area not too long ago and filled the bed of the truck up with things that need to go to the dump – and there the truck sits no one taking it to the dump!  So I still have the stuff!  When Jodie gets home for the holidays this is going to have to be on his top list of to dos so that one task started over summer can be completed!

I want so bad to have that pantry cupboard that has all of the storage containers all organized and labeled – the garage that has things in sections and organized – I am a fanatic about things like that but my family not so  much… just set it down in the “vicinity” and it is considered put away! YUCK  And my hubby, God Love Him, he just thinks scooting it over is cleaning up because he made a clean spot in front of him or just putting the box up not matter where he finds a spot is good – I need order and I will work at getting it back even in the garage!

NOW I have to clean out the floor of the garage again because, remember when I said I emptied my house out.. well it went into the garage where it could be put and now I cannot walk in it again!  I have scheduled this task in my Astrid for Dec 16th right after I plan to complete the get rid of stuff so both areas can be worked on together!

I know the clothing closet is coming up because Donna alluded to it when she spoke – that I dread but look forward to!  I hope I don’t get my house all together just in time for us to sell it… I want to enjoy the changes we have made before I get rid of it so I better hurry myself up!


Dear Lord I Pray…


Dear Jesus… Today is a day of continuing to clean out – give me strength to prep for it so I can complete this task when I scheduled it or sooner!  Life is so busy right now with the major changes happening in my business and my husband being away for such long periods of time that I am having a hard time getting it all done. I know with you by my side and in my thoughts & heart it will all come together.  I promise to listen to you and do the things when it is on your schedule and to be productive with and for you!  Your plan is important to me and I love how you are spoon feeding it to me!  Thank you for the strength and changes you are bringing to my life!  It was such a blessing to meet Noelle Schabel last night – she is a great daughter to you and her faith over flows in what she does and shared!  You are leading people of strength and people of integrity into our lives – the team will benefit as a whole from those you filter to us – Lord you are a blessing and the best CEO anyone can have in their business.  Thank you for the meeting with you the other morning and the strategy plan for moving forward with the things we need to build this business!  In Your Name AMEN!