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Christina’s Day 31… Clean Out – Give Away, Sell It, Throw It Away!

Today with the focus on clearing out and having less stuff being best really hits home.  I just had the house painted and I had to move all of the knick-knacks out, take all the pictures down and empty the “stuff” out of the house and wow what a breath of fresh air that was!  I totally agree, Less Is Best!

Funny I scrapbook the same way – I like to leave space on my pages, white space and not get too “busy” with them – too bad I did not see that with my house as I collected “stuff”!

I think this will be a bit easier for me to work on this task because I have not brought everything back into the house yet – I am loving the empty/clean feeling – the not so packed with stuff not so busy home right now.  I figure that as I am going through boxes to bring things back in I can make those decisions then and just not bring it all back!  Funny, when I was packing up my hutch, I found a “circle brick” of white chocolate and a “scrapping” tool I bought at a Dove Chocolate party because I HAD TO HAVE IT – it was soo cool and you could do a lot with it – I never opened it or used the white chocolate and it has been there for two years… what was I thinking?  Not only do I not eat sweets very often but I DON’T BAKE and it is to scrape pieces of the chocolate to decorate what you baked!!  Hello!

This is going to give me the opportunity to really look at what has been valuable in my life and what has not and give it away.. thank you again Donna Partow for the guidance!

My only hard part with these “take action” sections is finding the time to dedicate to them – I am still working on cleaning my pantry from weeks before.  I am determined to do this and clean out!  I have scheduled it for Dec 15th in my Astrid list to have this completed!  I am going to call Wal-Mart today about boxes though!

Dear Lord I Pray…


Dear Jesus… Thank you for the words of wisdom that Donna is sharing – I know that all flows from you and I am blessed my ears and heart is open to receive her message!  Please help me with the memory verse, I seemed to have gotten off track and don’t have the last two parts committed to memory yet – help me to focus on it a bit more!  I lift up my friends and family that are sick at the moment…  between the colds raging through, my husband’s headache, my father-in-law not doing too well, Tucker hurting his wrist, Mariah catching our cold as she returns to school for finals and baby David being out of his surgery we have a lot going on in the “illness” department – please place your healing hands on them and help them to start feeling better – Lord you can help us all and I want to reach out to you for that help!  In Your Name AMEN!