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Christina’s Day 30…. 80/20 Rule Pareto Principle

Pareto Principle… the 80/20 Rule – we hear about this everywhere and how it effects our lives.  The connection most shared is 20% of the worlds people generate 80% of the world’s economy.

I never thought of all of the other areas this principle applies to:

  • 20% of your work tasks generate 80% of your income
  • Kids play with 20% of their toys 80% of the time
  • You spend 80% of your time in 20% of your home
  • and the examples kept flowing…

We are prompted to take a look at this principle in more depth and see where it applies to us individually.  Take action and focus on the 20% of efforts producing 80% of the results (positive results).  This goes not only from your home, to your business tasks, but also to your clients and friends.  The point of today’s lesson is to find the area where investing your efforts leave you with the most results – enjoy the rewards of your efforts without killing yourself.  Learning to discern where you are most appreciated, receive the most results.  This is not to be greedy or self righteous but to work and live smarter not harder – freeing up time to devote to God, your family, on yourself – the important things!

I have to say it is going to be hard for me to go and make these evaluations – I am a jump in it kinda gal and when it comes to work stuff I want to help everyone!  This will take some effort to figure this out – and I will rely on my accountability partner to review my notes and help me to be sure I am labeling things correctly!

Dear Lord I Pray…


Dear Jesus… thank you for today’s lesson!  I am all about productivity but I still fall under the mindset I can do it all!  Reminding me that I need to be careful choosing what I invest my time and efforts in to maximize the results could not have come at a better time!  Thank you. Thank you, Thank you!

Today I ask that you place your hand of wisdom on our leaders, sharing this message with them so that maybe they too can benefit and make positive changes in our country, lives and world economy – I know no changes will come quickly but change is needed for us to survive and not become savages.

I lift up Larry, Alicia, Kevin and the Tucker family to you – the Tucker House Infirmary has hit and having a little assistance from you for healing quickly is needed – I pray you visit them with a healing hand today.

Yesterday, Little David – our nephew – had  surgery on his back, though his illness will have him visiting you sooner than any child should I know you are helping where you can/want to and you have big plans for him… the plans I see right now is to help a family with the smaller things, the joy of life, the blessings of everyday and LOVE – that boy has it all.  The twinkle in his eyes never stops gleaming and I know that is you showing through him.  Please take care of him and help him not to hurt so bad.  Please also give him video game time in the hospital, he was so excited about that!  IN YOUR NAME AMEN!