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Christina’s Day 29… Maximizing Each Day!

Good Morning!

Focusing on making the most out of each day is great for me – I love to be organized and there are days where I let “the whirlwind” of life take over and I loose my organization, then I wonder why I am felling so dismembered…


I have modified my Morning Routine to reflect things I have added mentally along with writing it more clear for a stronger commitment!

My Morning Routine!

4:30am wake up – read devotional in bed before getting out, Pray
5am GYM/Workout
6am home, TAG time (30 minutes)  Some will be done during Gym/Workout too
6:30 Wake Tucker up
7am Take Tucker to School
7:30am home, pick up for a bit & Make Breakfast Plate
8/8:30am Review Daily Sheet from Prior Night & Review MPA then Start Work
Included in my morning routine is:
-One Cup Hot Lemon Water
-Filling 32 ounce bottle of cleansing drink


Spiritial… Spend at least 30 minutes at start of day in TAG time
Physical… Work Out for an hour – GYM or at HOME
Relational… I will reinforce positive behavior, greet people on Social Media, and commit to a balance between TAG, Family and Work


Personal… I will have down time for myself, I will also do work on a personal development study
Ministry…  I will commit to my Thursday night Bible study, and each day speak of God and the Blessings of him
Financial… I will review outstanding bills daily to pay regularly instead of waiting to Bill Day (yuck) to take pressure off, I will deposit weekly for savings plan, and I will put money aside for giving to church
My Daily Page I will set up on a sheet I can put into my MPA, this way I am going to one resource for that information – I am also looking to start a prayer binder so that when it is prayer time I have items organized to pray on, not that there is ever a shortage – but I like to have it accessible…  in fact I will create two prayer binders so I have one in my TAG basket and one next to my bed allowing me to pray before I get out of bed and before I fall asleep!  I will share examples….
Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus… Today, Monday is a great day!  Thank you for all of the experiences and family time you gave and shared with me over the last week in Texas….  Feeling you next to me the entire time was so great!  Thank you for giving us the resources to cover all that needed to be covered financially while we were there AND giving us the resources to buy the gifts that we did – I know those were put on our hearts by you Jesus!  I am so grateful that you are such a loving God!  Please keep Jodie safe as he travels back to Montana today.  I pray that family is doing well and that you are along side of them while they face the upcoming surgeries, please continue to speak to me helping me with all I need to do for them.  Today Lord I lift up Larry, he is not feeling well and might be pretty sick – I know you have a healing had Lord and if you can rest that on his little body to lighten the symptoms that are falling on him that would be great.  He is a young man that is growing up to be a great man and anything we can do to  not steal that energy away would be great!  Please put a protective “bubble” around Alicia so she can stay healthy and strong as you continue to work miracles in her life and with her health! Jesus, Mariah just texted that she is sick, please do look out over her too – she is hitting a stressful time in her studies with finals coming up and such that she needs to stay healthy, I know that it also relies on her doing the right thing to help her health too – but lets face it, she is a young lady that wants to do it all and puts herself last – though she is learning she is still struggling with that balance… be with her Lord.  I pray for the health, happiness and success of all of my clients and I look forward to yours and my CEO meeting in the office today… In Your Name AMEN!


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  1. I LOVE this organization section so far. I’m excited to see what amazing life changes that these tips will bring. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see your prayer binder/s – another great idea!

    Thank you for praying for my Larry today – he needed those prayers. I will keep Mariah in my prayers. I hope she feels better very soon!