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Christina’s Day 24… Staying on Track!

It is funny before the time change I was staying up until 1am at times, now by 8pm I am ready to go to bed….  Hmmmm is it the time change or the changes made in this study?  Right after the time change I was ready to give IT all the credit but as each day moves forward in our study I am leaning towards the changes in my body and mindset are from this study.  Each new week brings on a focus of change or adaptation – each day focuses on things that will help that to take effect and hold in your life… what a way to build change.

I can say I have not done everything so far but I can see where there are some things that I did not do so whole-heartedly are coming back around for readdressing, like the evening routine!  Though the message is about eating habits I was forced to look at what I had written and see what I was actually committing to and I edited my evening routine (and I got to write it directly in Evernote using my Nook this morning!)

I am committing to an evening routine… having a routine to follow will help me stay on track, stay organized, stay healthy and give my time with you Lord…
  • Close office at 5pm
  • Start dinner by 5:30pm
  • Eat by 6:30/7pm
  • Clean kitchen by 8pm
  • Time to do my stuff 8-10pm personal, my company, walk, and remember to relax
  • Bed by 10
  • Read in the word…pray…spend a bit of quiet time with Jesus
  • Lights out by 10:30pm
As I go through the days working with this routine I am sure it will continue to be refined. If I get ahead of my schedule then I want to ask that you put it in my heart to do what would be the best use of my time Jesus.
Though this is not a big change from what I had, revisiting it rewriting it gives it a stronger sense of THIS IS HOW IT IS GOING TO BE DONE!
I did have a craving after eating last night so I grabbed a slice of Swiss cheese, I don’t think that is what “I was wanting” but it allowed me to munch on something and not “eat”.
I did sleep well last night.  I feel like I laid my head down and then my eyes were opening 20 minutes before my alarm was to go off – Thank You Jesus – it was great spending some quiet time with you before I started my devotional reading and my study!  This is a great morning!
Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus… Today is a day you created, a restart, a new day, a day we can make be what ever we want it to be.  Today’s devotional was about our mindset and being positive from the moment our eyes open and the changes that will make in our lives – I can feel it already… today when you woke me up at 4am I did not grumble, I rejoiced in your gentle nudge to open my eyes… the  morning is going great!  I have had time to make my lemon water, read my devotional, have quiet time with you just thinking, read my study and now writing this message and I don’t feel rushed and it is just barley 6am!  Thank you Jesus, I want to greet every morning with a smile, a howdy do to you, and a short chat before getting out of bed, just please help my husband’s snoring at that time so I can hear you loud and clear.

Jesus please bless those that are living in your name today, the healthy may not need the doctor everyday but it is nice when he stops in to check in and say HI, so though they are believers – lovers of the word – and committed to you and may not need your focus, I pray that you give them a slight brush of your hand, a pat on the back, a way to go I am proud of you today….
As we move through the days Jesus, I am thankful you and your word is my governing guidelines and supporter of my life and livelihood not the people in our “offices” here on earth. I do pray for their safety, their hearts to be filled with warmth, and their thoughts/minds to be filled with guidance from YOU – I pray that they will hear you speak to them and feel the weight of the right things to do, I pray that Satan will be pushed far from their lives today and they will see the light and the way to go, with you!   I pray for the safety of all the men and women that are protecting their people and “space” and hope unlikely friendships are made today… IN YOUR NAME AMEN

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  1. Way to go on your commitment to your evening routine! I am struggling in that area – mainly because of the “unforeseen” things that pop up… like extra homework and teenage hormonal drama… but I am getting there. I am praying for you as you are being faithful and working on this commitment. Sleep well my dear friend! God bless you!