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Christina’s Day 23…. Hmmm Enhanced Water – SOUNDS GREAT

Today the study focuses on cleansing not only mind and soul but body too through water.  This is great as one of my personal goals was to get to 64 ounces of water a day – I was starting out by trying to be sure to get 64 ounces of “liquid” in me.  There are so many days I forget to drink anything, well that was not the case when I was drinking soda but since I gave that up in August, I find myself going the entire day with out drinking anything… terrible.  And yes my body could feel it!

Getting back to drinking and pushing for a lot of that to be water soon to be all of it, has been awesome and perfect timing for this message!  So much in sync that on Sunday, I had bought lemon to add to my water to flavor it!

Today I am starting with the Hot Lemon Water, that just sounds SOOO comforting and a great way to start my day!  Tomorrow I will plan to have it ready when I start my reading, comfort in the word along with comfort in a cup!  Yippppeeee

Cleansing is so important – we really do “dirty” ourselves in all areas, we have habits in words we say, we have habits in TV shows we watch, we have habits in games we plan, we have habits in time management, we have habits in treatment of one another and we have habits in how we eat and drink – and I can say for myself, all of these areas need a good cleaning!

Today I commit to asking myself – Is this purifying my body before I eat or drink it – I commit to drinking water and working up to the 64 ounces a day and I will keep track of this in public messages – facebook and/or texting my awesome accountability partner.  I want to reach it and make it a habit!  Eventually getting past the 64 ounces too.  If you reading this want to know how I am doing – just leave a comment and help be an accountability partner too!  And if you want to join the challenge go to the contact page and let Alicia and I know and we will both help you be accountable and achieve your goals.

This is such a positive study about changes in our lives we need to make that I look forward to them as they are given to us – healthier, happier and closer to God – does it get any better?


Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus… Today is a day of cleansing and I look forward to doing this, funny how you prompted me to get lemons at the store – giving me that little craving for lemon in my water…. Thank you!  Jesus as we all start this cleansing program I pray that any discomfort, pain or disorientation we experience will be so that we can handle it and not push us to give up.  I know it is cleaning out the impurities that WE put in our bodies and I know that Satan will use that time to lure us back into eating or drinking what we want to feel good trying to tell us that you are not there to help us, Jesus I know you are there all of the time to help us and that sometimes helping us is allowing us the discomfort to cleanse us of the impurities in our lives.  I will lean on you when I need to.

As we move forward Jesus in our days to come, I pray that you support those in this world that are looking for “the answer” for “the strength” for “YOU” in their lives.  I pray that you rest your hand on their shoulders in a way they feel something different and they begin to know you are there – please Lord use me how you want to help people see, feel and hear you around them.  Jesus you have a large family of children here eager to show people how wonder their “Father” is!

Jesus I lift up the world leaders to you today, not just our leaders here in the United States but around the world – some are so self focused on their own country they do not see how we can all gain by working together – barring the “I want to rule it all” and the “we are better then everyone else” mentalities we are all looking for the same thing – great lives for the populations of the countries and for the citizens to have something to be proud of – please start to lay it in their hearts to look at working together that not everyone has to be enemies but that we can work to achieve those goals together and have a loving world.  Jesus protect those that are in harms way fighting for what they believe in and protect those that are innocent in living their lives looking for peace.  IN YOUR NAME AMEN!

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  1. You can do it my friend! I will be checking on your drinking tomorrow. 🙂