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Christina’s Day 21… My Week in Review

Well it is Sunday a day of rest, a day of review, a day of sharing.  Today was a great day – I really feel like during this time change time I am the most productive….  I feel like I get so much done just in the shift of that hour – WOW!

Reviewing my week, I could have done a few things better….

I could have completed my study first thing in the morning like I committed to –

I could have made more time for one on one with God –

I could have gone to my bible study group Thursday night and not let anything stand in the way and returned from my event earlier-

What I am proud about doing this week…

I did do my readings and did not give up!

I stayed current on my devotionals!  AND have only 3 days in August to make up to then be up on completing the entire year of reading them everyday!

When I set my goals for next week I am keeping it to three – I want to achieve these goals…

  • 20 minutes before going to bed more TAG time (I think I want to do a study on Romans)
  • I will work on memory verse to be current
  • I will write in my Personal Notebook – using the Evernote version Alicia put together (LOVE IT)

I am looking forward to starting the fourth week…  Thank you for the friendship and partnership in the study!  I will start sharing my two studies with you too.

Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus…  Today I start my fourth week of this study.  Thank you for the focus to keep going.  I apologize for falling a bit behind this week but with your help I got caught up!  Lord, please hold Alicia close to you while she is still suffering from those terrible headaches, I know you can heal her and take this away but it will be on YOUR time.  We will stay faithful to you and continue to talk to you asking for your help – giving it to you Lord.  Today I pray for my friends, family and even those I don’t know.  I want to lift our government up to you Lord, please give them the plans, processes and the heart to carry out what is best for the people that they are representing.  Please continue to remind them that they work for us – if at anytime they forget it allow us the ability to remind them.  IF you find it your will, lead the “Tea Party” and the behind the government “Government” into place to put this country back into what you wanted it to be – a place for people to succeed, live up to the expectations of them, to accept the responsibility for the mistakes they made and to share the wonderful word of GOD!  In Your Name.. AMEN


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  1. I am blessed by our accountability partnership and this study every day! I like how you acknowledged what you didn’t complete as you wanted to… But moved onto your plan for the upcoming week! Way to go!