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Christina’s Day 15… Food, Eating and Being Healthy

I read this chapter and I think Food – Eating – Being Healthy, hmmmm not always in my house.   So much of what we eat is guided by the men and lets just be honest, they are both kids and want fast, fun, bad for you food! 

I am a huge vegetable eater and they are not – I am not a huge fried food eater – they are.  And if it can be microwaved, they are in heaven!

When I did this study before, I never really emptied the pantry – I could not get myself to do it.  But I read it this time and thought, she is right – if it has been in there for a year or so it is a likely we are not going to eat it – and expiration dates, I never look at those except on milk and orange juice LOL!  I can do this  BUT not today – I think this is a Saturday chore, emptying every room is killing me right now I don’t think I can start on the pantry too.  I am adding this to my Astrid list of to-do’s in my accountability list!

Eating healthy is important to me – Jodie and I both can loose some weight, and I would love to get him away from “If it ain’t fried, it ain’t good” mentality.  AND get him to eat more veggies – I want to help keep his heart healthy and work at keeping him away from diabetes – his dad has both issues and it would be great to break the cycle.  I need to look at the pasta fixes I have and see how they fair in my life – I have been working at transitioning to whole wheat pasta if I am going to indulge at home to help with that one – I will keep you posted!

Food is a blessing and one that we can over indulge in very easily – praying before dinner for the strength to listen to our bodies for “quitting time” is very important, and I want to commit to praying before each meal – whether I am at home or out at a restaurant, it can be done!
Dear Lord I Pray…


Dear Jesus – Thank you for all of the great tastes in the world.. for the variety of foods, drinks, and meal time experiences we can have.  I pray today for the strength and knowledge to help feed myself and my family healthier foods and to take the time to care about what is going into our bodies NOT just how much we will enjoy the taste or eating experience.  I know at times we can “indulge” but we should not make a habit of it.  Please help me to be strong at mealtime and to be a smart, responsible, and “fun” cook when it comes to preparing meals.  In Your Name AMEN

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  1. I will be praying for you girl! I know when we first started to make the healthy eating transition three years ago, Kevin acted like I was ripping his teeth out with pliers! Seriously! But now, he can lovingly say, “You have corrupted me!!! Now the whole wheat breads and the Ancient Grains bread taste so good to me that the white bread doesn’t taste right!” (LOL – but he did say this!!!!)

    It will be tough at first, but totally worth it.

    I cleaned out the pantry today, but I will be organizing a little at a time through the week. You are right – it is too big a job for one day during the week – especially with so much else going on. 🙂