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Christina’s Day 13… The Week in Review


Dear Lord…  Help guide me to be a wife of noble character on that is valuable and brings no harm to my husband… help me to focus on my husband rather than myself, Jesus and bring him the things HE needs.  Father help me to always bring him good not harm and to be a good example to him of a Godly child – I will select the finer things for him and work with eager hands without complaining or looking down on the things I do all with your assistance….  Thank you Jesus for your unconditional love and support AND helping me to grow to be more like you everyday!  In Your Name AMEN!


In this week’s reflection time I can see a lot of things that in doing this study have begun to change me….

  • Praying more often and with words that just flow from the heart
  • A daily dedication to this time in the book and study without fail
  • A stronger bond with my New Jersey Sis’ta

Things I really feel like I must improve on if I am going to really truly begin to make a difference in my life…

  • Take my TAG time very serious and keep it on the top priority
  • Take extra time when I go to bed to do something in the word
  • Write/Speak the daily affirmations and visit them again and again – Maybe make index cards per day and place it somewhere in my house so the entire family can share in the good word
  • I want to fill in the Bible Study Sheet – this is really important to me – I have always wanted to go through Romans, maybe I can try to do it here in this format… along with my weekly Bible Study Group studies that I share here

I love the warmth and the overall calm feeling – wow you can really tell when you give it to God and when you don’t “really” give it to him but just say you do.  I want to continue to practice that in the coming days….  I also need to outwardly continue to be the “example” in my home with my children and husband – though they are believers they do not practice or always rely on Jesus and I want to give them that gift…

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  1. I am praying for you each and every day – and I KNOW the power of prayers made in faith. The calmness and joy that I have been feeling since last week are causing me to be more of a light for God… to the point where it is OVERFLOWING to all of those around me!

    It seems we have several of the same areas to work on in the coming week – so glad we have each other for accountability. 🙂