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Christina’s Day 12…. Early to rise with God’s wake up!

Good Morning!  This is a great thing – I always relied on my alarm clock to wake me up…  BUT when I did this study before and got to this point in it, wow how amazing God DID wake me prior to my alarm clock. 

Even today he woke me before it went off at 5am, BUT I did extend my sleep even though I did not feel like I needed it – hmmmm.  I commit today to wake up on weekdays at 4:30am so I can make it to the gym – I know the Lord is totally in support of that effort.  This body was a gift from him and I am not taking very good care of it!  We are stewards of all of the things that belong to God even our own bodies.  I can be as good as I can be at Praying, going to Church, talking to others about God but am I doing all I am suppose to be?  NO – I need to step up and be a great steward to those things that belong to God and he just “lent” to me to use.  How would I feel if I loan out my jacket to someone and I see it on the floor boards of their car days later all crumbled up?  Or if I loaned someone my computer and I see they left it outside in the elements?  Well I can tell you I would be very upset that they were not taking care of “my things” I had loaned them.  What is the difference in me not taking care of my body – the right sleep, the right food, the right exercise?  For me this will all start with getting up in the morning at a great time to accomplish exercising!

Commitment – Lord I commit to listen to YOUR wake up call and start my day as you intend me to.  I want to take care of this vessel you have given me here for my earthly journey – and I want to start by getting back into the habit of exercising!  With your strength and support Lord I can do it!


Dear Jesus… I look forward to beginning my mornings with you taking my hand and starting my day right.  Jesus, I want to do all that you want for me – I love the way you come into my heart, mind

Dear Lord I Pray…

and soul with that overwhelming feeling of warmth and comfort!  I am sorry that I have been pushing you and your plan for  me aside these past few months.  I want to be a good steward of my body, exercise and eat better – please give me a tad more support then usual when I go to Texas so I can eat healthier then I normally do 🙂 – southern foods are sooooo good but I know it is not always what you want me to eat!  Give me some ideas when I go to the store so that there are some choices in the house for anyone to snack on!  Jesus, you are my strength, my support and my best friend!  I cannot wait to check in at the gym with you again!

Jesus, thank you for all you are working on in Alicia, I have never seen her so happy!  You have rested your hands on her ailing body and mended her.  Amazing – pretty soon she will be dancing the “Jig” and we will all have a hard time keeping up with her! Thank you for blessing her with such a great man, Kevin, he is an amazing guy – so supportive, so loving, and so Godly.  What a gift!  Bless her family and give them more smiles then they care to have – their faces will hurt from the smiles and laughter that falls over them – please surround the girls with comfort in this time when their “dad” moved away – I know he had to for reasons to support his new family but they feel lost and rejected without him – please place in their hearts that he “dad” was given this opportunity but so were THEY – they were given an opportunity to live in harmony with Alicia and Kevin and to tightly bind the family life they so deserve without any distractions from negative influences in their lives… Jesus I know you can do it.  In Your Name AMEN!

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  1. I am praying for your fresh commitments. Waking up without the snooze alarm tag game and making exercise a priority can be tough, but I know you can do it again… Especially with God’s help! Thank you for praying for me and my family and our smiles. 🙂 We had a kid-free date night and at dinner this evening, we were texting each other silly messages and enjoyed each other’s company again. My face did hurt after all the laughing!!!