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Christina Day 8: Think About What You Are Studying

Christina Day 8:  Think About What You Are Studying

So funny I do take notes like this too… grab anything around me and write it down!  I located this doing a Google search under time with God – and it speaks TONS to me.  What a simple way to put it and a check list to boot!

In Joyce’s words today she says simply Think about what you are studying – go over it several times!  She is right, we have been taught since a young age that we learn from repetition – so why should studying the word be any different?  I mean I know I find myself rushing through what I am ready for two reasons – one I do not care to read and two I feel like I am on a time scheduled and markers to hit for the day – both of these really really hamper my ability to go super deep in the word.  How can I work on it to change these feelings and pressures?

First I need to look at reading as a blessing, I CAN read – I was able to go to school to learn to read.  Reading is a private escape. Reading expands who you are!

Second I need to prioritize, reading is a personal growth thing – I can read and grow spiritually and read and grow business minded as well.  Reading strengthens who you are whether it is for enjoyment, spiritual growth or business development.

Joyce recommended looking into Proverbs for the 30 day study because there are 31 chapters and you can do a chapter a day – how did she know I was struggling on what to start with?  I guess I am not alone in this journey and in my stumbling blocks. I picked up today at Proverbs 11 (because today is the 11th) and I read through them.  Very wise words to live by – but right now they are “one liners” to me and I don’t think that is a good place for me personally to start – I am looking for meat!

I am ALWAYS drawn to Romans – it was an audio CD Barbara Kubiak gave me and when I listen to it on my way home the sections that I tuned into seemed to be the Rule Book of Life and the Owner’s Manual. But I never took the time to read it and go back.  That is where I am starting.  There is 16 Chapters in the Book of Romans and I can do one chapter every two days!

Reading Chapter One it is a letter from Paul to a city he is about to visit and share the gospel/word of God with them.  Through all of the trials Paul has gone through he longs to share the word of God and to help save others.  In the opening of the letter he greets his readers and has joy and explains a bit that he has wanted to come for some time but was unable until now. He goes on to explain God’s wrath against a sinful group and shares what has become of society based on the sinful, selfishness and disregard for Jesus at those times. (the wrath and casts from God we are still suffering from today)

It is so odd to me that we as a society are STILL suffering from the same issues noted in the bible how many years ago – do we not learn?  Will the new generations begin to make a difference?  Can we set forth in examples in large groups of believers to make changes today that will affect the happenings in the coming generations?  It is scary to read that we are no farther than the populations from long ago… very sad.

Dear Jesus I Pray..

Dear Lord – it amazes me that in the Bible (your Word) that the accounts of happenings from those you appointed to document such happenings are STILL being suffered from today.  Hundreds of years later. Today I pray that you help me understand what I can do.  What this one person can do in this world that might help start making changes and to help others learn from their mistakes.  I have to say I do believe that you have pointed me in a direction with Joseph and Erin.  I do believe that the draw for me to continue to wade through the mess is to be a “mentor” (as Joseph put it) to him and Erin and help them to grow up, learn to be a family and if nothing more than to be good parents and to break cycles they are living today.  With your support and guidance I do believe I can make a difference there – is that one of my purposes here on earth?  Lord I feel you guiding me and I trust this is what I am suppose to be doing – please continue to give me patience and guide me with the right things to say….  I pray I will always hear you in where I can make differences here on earth for you and for the betterment of the people here as well… IN YOUR NAME I PRAY AMEN.