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Christina Day 7: Holy Habits

Today the message is loud and clear and explains to me that I need that ALONE time with God.  Those conversations, the prayers and the extra time in HIS word.  Even if it is not a full sit down for an hour but to never go a day without some time with God.

I like doing studies but this one is different – I like to read in the study what I need to be “studying” do my research and go on – BUT this one is asking you to find your own place to study fulfill your time and return for more the next day.  I have to admit I have not done that yet.  I am making the habit to listen to Joyce and what her note is for the day then blogging on it – I just need to begin to add my “study” time in on what I am guided to study about….

My goal is tonight before bed I read one thing – even if it is for only 5 minutes but to really read it and to write down my first feelings, thoughts and how that can apply to me in my life!  Say a good night prayer and get up and begin my day again the next day!  I am excited this feels doable and something I can continue to build on!!  Thank you Joyce!

Dear Lord I Pray…

Dear Jesus everyday I have a little more light shed on me and the path you are looking for me to take – thank you for not turning on the flood lights all at once so that I am not blinded and overwhelmed – Thank you for your patience and your teachings for the great people you have here that are sharing your word and your messages.  We all can find a fit of someone that we can mesh with in the teachings and build strength.  Jesus I pray for my friends Tricia, Alicia, Erica and Bernadette – all of these valiant women are strong believers and hold true to you in their hearts – continue to stand with them, guide them and support them in all they do – IN YOUR NAME I PRAY, AMEN