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Christina Day 6: God Is Mad At Me (NOT)

Is God Mad At Me?

The word brings stability, fruitfulness, and fulfillment and all that we do will prosper. (see Psalm 1:3)

Often we allow guilt influence what others might think of us – or at least allow those feelings to inflict the “knowing of” how someone else feels about us.  As a whole I think we are all constantly doing something wrong or should I say “not the right way” and when we sit down and are quiet for a bit we then can hear and come to terms with the voice inside reminding us we did not do really what we were suppose to so then that has to mean God is Mad at me, right?? 

In today’s study we are reminded by Joyce Meyer that we are surrounded by several myths pertaining to God being mad at us – she has a great article here that she shared in our readings today –

God is Mad at Me and Other Myths – Part 1

It was great to read it and say OH YEAH – and AHHH I SEE!  Joyce has given me the strength today to put things back into perspective on MY RELATIONSHIP with God and not what others say it is, what others say it should be and for sure the mixed signals all around as to how it should look to everyone else.  My relationship with HIM is mine and mine alone.  I learned a long time ago when I was pregnant with my Daughter a lesson from a friend, Flavia.  She had daughters of her own and while I was pregnant she would take me on walks at lunch to help me from sitting all day long.  The one lesson I remember the most is that, you have to learn your children and what excites them, what upsets them, what motivates them, and what they need in a relationship with you.  Each child is different even though they are born of the same mother and father, are raised in the same house and share the same family experiences – they are INDIVIDUALS.  I believe in today’s study it is reminding us that we too are individuals in our family with the Lord and he is such a great Father that he does see we are different from one another and that we have different needs and he works to help us, speak to us, love us and protect us in the ways we individually need him to and he accepts our love from us as individuals and does not expect it to be a “cookie cutter” love.

He has a household set of rules: Believe in me, Ask me for help when you need it, Pray to me, Honor me, Ask for forgiveness when you make a mistake, Share me with others and spend time with me!  BUT nowhere does it say it HAS TO BE JUST LIKE THIS or it does not count – that is where our individuality comes into place.  That is STRONG and gives us each strength to build our own relationship with our Loving Father in Haven and to then meet in places like Church and just embrace all of those around you that have their own relationship with your Father and know there is no competitions and no chance of missing one drop of his love – there is enough for all of us!

Thank you Joyce Meyer for helping with this subject! I feel so much stronger in my bond with Jesus!

Dear Lord I Pray…

Jesus you are an amazing parent – I look forward to all you are guiding me to do in my life.  I thank you for being there for me, not just part of the time but ALL OF THE TIME.  You have so much to share and to give and teach that I am excited to take it all in.  I pray that through the days I honor you and I can show you the love and respect you deserve as any parent would!  I know that you have a lot of family and you manage it well!  Dear Lord I would like to lift up Tricia to you, she is struggling with some inner feelings that play with her self-worth and that is a battle from Satan – he wants to keep her down so that she might not be able to reach your hand as you have it extended to her – he is whispering things to her and there is a struggle inside – I pray lord that you can pull her from this battle and shed light on her and your whispers will be louder and louder drowning out any other words so she is rekindled with the spirit and warm inside with your thoughts and motivation!  Lord I also pray for Alicia and her time with her family – Lord she is a great daughter to you and I pray that you rest on her shoulder, live in her heart and funnel through her fingers so she can maintain the life she wants for herself.  Jesus I pray that she can stop Satan from allowing others actions or comments to be believed as personal attacks and upset her so as that is Satan knocking her off her game – Lord she is your daughter and deserves to always know how valuable she is and how awesome she is – Lord I give them to you today Jesus. IN YOUR NAME I PRAY AMEN