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Christina Day 10… Life in Prayer!

Today was definitely a day that has started with a miracle….  During this study Prayer has become a big focus to me – prayer not just for things “I Want” but for the betterment of myself in God’s

messages, for the struggles of others, to relieve the pain and suffering of others, to protect those not only close to me but all around the world.  To help find those that are lost whether I knew them or not it just was not a prerequisite to know them – I just know people out there need help, support and love.   Doing my prayers like this I feel have been at the prompting of my Father and coming from me listening to HIM – and wow what a difference.  I can say when I have been praying over my marriage, changes happen – not on my time but I stay diligent and change happened!

Prayer is something so strong in our lives – the Faith that we are not alone, we are not meant to suffer, that we have someone to talk to at ALL TIMES is amazing and something I never want to give up, take for granted, get to complacent, or forget about…..  Thank You Jesus!


Dear Lord…

Today is another day where your strength, power and love has come  into my life in a beaming ray of light.  Thank you Jesus for the miracle you have created in Alicia’s life.  This miracle will not only affect Alicia’s life but ALL OF THOSE around her – you have blessed her and her family and friends!  Continue to give me strength to witness through the changes in my life and those around me because of being Faithful to YOU!  Maybe that is why you gave me such a big mouth….  to continue to open it in YOUR NAME.  Today I pray for those who are recovering from Sandy – there is a long hall of repair ahead of them but with you with them they can achieve anything.  Please put in my heart in that special message you send me daily what I can do to help those in need – if it is great messages, support or what ever – please help to enlighten me.  Lord with the presidential elections upon us next week, please keep the candidates strong, safe and healthy – I know that your “will” will prevail and I promise to do all I can to hear you in what that is and support that!  Jesus watch out over all of the children going out tonight to “trick-or-treat”, keep them safe and help whisper in their ear right choices when they have to make them tonight…  Jesus you are a great GOD, and Awesome Father and a Blessed man in my Life – thank you for Always being there even if I don’t always seem to know it or show it!  In Your Name AMEN!

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  1. I have always believed that miracles are all around us every day – sometimes they are small and if we are not paying attention… we will miss them. Other times however, they are so big that they slap ya in the face!!! I have the wonderful ability to say I have experienced them both and the odd thing is… the small miracles are much easier to accept in my logical brain. The big ones – like the one I experienced today – were much more difficult to accept. My brain kept wanting to say “DOES NOT COMPUTE” – but then it got to the point where the ONLY answer that made any sense was that God HAD to have intervened because there was NO OTHER WAY it could have happened otherwise. Praise God for miracles!